Enter to Win NAPPA

Want 3 million parents to see and read about your product?

Start planning today, as the deadline for the prestigious National Parenting Publications Awards Parenting Resources competition is January 15, 2010.

Product categories include:

-maternity and postpartum clothing and gear

-baby and toddler equipment

-labor- and time-saving gadgets

-safety and childproofing products

-how-to parenting books, DVDs, CDs, websites, magazines and newsletters

-health and skin care

-nutrition and fitness

…and more

Early entries may be selected as a NAPPA Entry of the Week!

With the goal of helping  parents make the best choices for their families, NAPPA manager Barbara Smith Decker tells us that this competition is one of the oldest and best known among independent awards programs, which determines winners through  a highly selective process, including:


(1) specialty judges with expertise in the fields they judge,

(2) product evaluators and

(3) family testers who provide practical field evaluations.

NAPPA Gold winners are guaranteed:

-print feature coverage in the June, 2010  issues of 30 or more regional parenting magazines that cover the top metro markets across the nation.

Gold and Honors winners are guaranteed:

– a full year of prominent coverage on the NAPPA pages of Parenthood.com, which receives a quarter-million unique visitors each month.

There is also the opportunity for entrants to request feedback from judges and testers, which can be most helpful in product development and positioning. Save 50% on feedback from NAPPA judges and parent testers now!

-Download entry forms at Parenthood.com/NAPPA_entry_forms.php

-email NAPPA@Parenthood.com or Barbara.Decker@Parenthood.com

-call NAPPA at 617-284-1413 or 617-522-1515 x224

NAPPA also has a new street address: 51 Morgan Drive,  Suite 11, Norwood, MA 02062-5021; Fax: 617-522-1694

Good luck!

-Janet Muniz

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