Dressing Up for Halloween


Sometimes, it’s a secret. A surprise. A mystery. Other times, it’s just fun.

“What will you be for Halloween?” is the popular question this time of year. In my younger years, I dressed up as “Janet Planet,” one of my very popular nicknames. What’s a “Janet Planet,”  you ask? The back story has something to do with Q-tips and electric blue hair…

Even a recent episode of Project Runway focused on costumes (episode seven). Yet in the  world of children’s fashion, fantasy dress up is one hot segment of the market, available year-round. And right now, a spotlight is burning bright on it.

FatBrainToysWalk in to most big box stores and you’ll find Halloween costumes and candy. Catalog companies such as Grandinroad devote a huge section of their publication to Halloween décor and dress up. And each year, I look forward to picking up Martha Stewart’s October issue, because I really admire her Halloween looks. Fabulous online toy merchant Fat Brain Toys offers a variety of costumes that complete the fantasy of growing up and being a chef, for instance.

And in the world of kid’s fantasy dress up, entire companies create real-life, magical fantasywear for kids to light up their  imaginations with.


Kaiya Eve Couture is the maker of The Original Pettiskirt, a full, lush, updated version of the vintage petticoats, for girls to dress up in whether it’s Halloween or not. Just ask celebrities Dakota Fanning or dad Christian Slater.


Because little girls love to dress up like princesses, Posh International offers their soft skirts with built-in leotards. Yet little boys love to don fantasy clothes, too. Aeromax has a wide variety of outfits that boys really love.

Aeromax_Products_91Why is fantasy dress up for kids so popular – year round? Little Adventures, a company dedicated to being a part of their children’s daily little adventures, puts it nicely: “We get to dress up like princesses and experience the joy of being a part of our children’s lives. What more could any Mom ask for?”

LittleAdventures_001Look for more on Fantasy Dress Up in our upcoming December issue.

-Janet Muniz

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