Tabitha Fink: The Cat with One Eye

I Fink Different.

She may only have one eye, but that’s just what makes her special. Other than that, she’s one fabulously storied cat. The 5-star, award-winning Tabitha Fink: The Cat with One Eye is written for children ages two through five that tells Tabitha’s story in playful rhyme and delightful illustrations that kids totally love.


“A not-to-be missed story for the preschooler in your life – uplifting, enjoyable, and just plain fun. I loved every word!”

– Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill


The First Place Winner of the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Award and a Feathered Quill 2016 Bronze Award Winner for Best Children’s Illustrated Book, the stories of Tabitha Fink start with the truth that no one is perfect, that we are all special and unique and that we should celebrate the uniqueness in everyone. Certainly this friendly, one-eyed cat is a fabulous example of that, as she scampers off on amazing adventures that will help children explore their emerging and sometimes challenging worlds. Tabitha’s next adventure is chronicled in Rick’s newest book, Tabitha Fink On a Mission to Mars.


“The world of Tabitha Fink is a simple and playful reflection of the many special things that are part of children’s lives,” says author Rick Felty – who is one swanky cat himself, especially to me. During the many years we worked together in the broadcasting and promotion business, Rick was THE go-to creative mind, winning every kind of creative excellence award in the business, including the coveted Emmy. So it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Rick has created a unique world for Tabitha Fink filled with entertaining lessons for kids as well as cool products that keep her message alive. Fun t-shirts, hoodies and stickers are just a few that proclaim, “I fink different.”

“An adorable book with an uplifting message. Tabitha Fink teaches children to be happy with themselves instead of trying to be like someone else…celebrating their uniqueness and individuality.”

– Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite


The Real Tabitha Fink

Rick is also a photographer, musician and private pilot who lives in New England with his wonderful family, a dog, a bunch of fish and the real one-eyed cat named Tabitha Fink. “We have found that some people want to know why Tabitha Fink has only one eye. This is a very natural question and we are happy to tell you all we know.” Come to find out, Tabitha was adopted that way. The vet isn’t sure why she has only one eye, and thinks either injury or illness played a part in her uniqueness. “In any case, the veterinarian told us that she would be able to live a very full life with only one eye,” Rick says, “and we can report that she does!”

Some cats only have a Facebook page. Tabitha Fink has an entire world for kids to explore and learn from. How cool is that?


The Day We Danced in Underpants

This picture of the book cover makes me smile. Happy October!

The Day We Danced in Underpants is the kind of book I keep on my own book shelf, along with children’s classics Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi and The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts by Shinta Cho. And here’s a good reason why: “This lesson in kindness and grace changes an embarrassing situation into an adventure,” a very astute review from Tidewater Parent.

100214_CRTPost_DayWeDanced_IllustrationTalk About Joie de Vivre! Written by California-based writer Sarah Wilson, the story is inspired by her grandmother, who taught her an early appreciation for French culture. Indeed! Sarah’s silly descriptions of a cast of characters –including “three wild aunts” – who dance their way across the French countryside to a picnic with the King of France makes for a perfect read-aloud, not to mention a dance-a-thon of your own.

And to do it all in underpants?

Award-winning illustrator Catherine Stock‘s hilarious watercolors literally paint the picture of “a wild party that finds even the stuffiest nobles getting down in their unmentionables,” as the book’s synopsis tells us.

When one of my friends posted a picture of the book on Facebook, I couldn’t resist starting out a new month by telling you about it. As he says, “Oh, I do that all the time!”

Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella

091113_CindersByJanBrett_BookcoverWhile reading the current issue of Country Woman Magazine recently, I was introduced to Jan Brett, an award-winning author/illustrator who also happens to breed award-winning chickens.

Jan is renowned all over the country for her beautiful illustrations in children’s books –and when I saw the cover of her newest tale, Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella, I just had to tell my Children’s Retail Today peeps about it -and about Jan, too.

Cinders is Jan’s take on the classic fairy tale, complete with a little hen who’s transformed into a beautiful and mysterious guest at a ball during one magical night. Her fanciful illustrations capture the grandeur and glamour of eighteenth-century Russia, where Jan traveled herself. Together with her funny flock of chicken characters, this Cinderella story is whimsical and original. A feast for the eyes, one might say!

“I want kids to be able to open my books and feel as if they could walk right into the pages.”

-Jan Brett, in Country Woman

Charmed by Chickens. The Massachusetts-based author is currently touring the United States for her new book, visiting towns in New York, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey and New Hampshire (phew!) –visiting book stores, schools and libraries, giving book talks and illustration demonstrations at each signing. It’s something Jan does every fall, to meet her book-reading fans in person.

091113_CindersByJanBrett_TourBusIf you’re lucky enough to live in a town she’s visiting, sign your kids up for Jan’s “Lunch on the Bus” contest, where your child and three friends have the chance to win lunch with Jan on her tricked out traveling machine. Visit for more.

091113_CindersByJanBrett_JanWithChickensWhile you’re checking out her online footprint, learn more about Jan’s stories that have been incorporated into school curricula across the country and download free educational activities for teachers to use with their students.