4Everly Adorned

Adding an artsy flair to a child’s room, while informing, inspiring and contributing toward the conservation of animals.

Jennifer Hiser created her brand-new company, 4Everly Adorned, to inspire children with art. Jennifer makes hand painted, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and accessories that not only add exciting flair to a child’s room, they personify originality and self-expression.

“I wanted my daughter’s first room to be alive with vibrancy and unconventional style,” Jennifer says. After she is less than impressed with the one-note, flat and mass produced furniture and décor of department stores, she puts her own background in the arts and her love of color and design to work. “I created one-of-a-kind, hand painted pieces of furniture for my one-of-a-kind baby girl.”

Jennifer explores numerous creative outlets ranging from working at well-known fashion magazines in New York City, to designing soft accessories for a global fashion brand in Chicago, until she finally finds her own artistic niche. “Designing my daughter’s nursery led me to discover the area of design I was looking for.”

Jennifer values the importance of inspiring children, and educating them as well. Her passion for animal rights grew while on safari in South Africa, and she immediately wanted to do all she could to help. “We have teamed up with a nonprofit that helps to create awareness about wildlife conservation,” she says. “We hope to connect and collaborate with other local artists, and to globally educate as many young minds as we can.”



Little seats for little peeps. 

One look at Seattle artisan Bruce Hanamura’s whimsical-yet-modern chairs perfectly proportioned for children will have you wishing for a smaller behind, perhaps … just so you, too, could enjoy sitting on the soft, smooth surfaces he creates from solid Mahogany, Western Maple, Walnut and Birch.

You’ll have to be happy to let your kids dream of a forest where magical animals frolic and play – while they sit on a moriko. In fact, the name moriko means, “forest child,” and the children’s furniture line includes little seats that resemble a rabbit (usage), fox (kitsune), beaver (biba) and squirrel (risu) –all uniquely hand-crafted, heirloom-quality solid wood seating that is Made in the USA. Currently moriko’s ship in three to four weeks.

Each chair evokes the personality and character of the animal it represents, and is a loving and unexpected detail for any child’s play space.


Not to worry. Bruce also designs custom furniture for adults (and the size of their behinds) through his company The Design Pallet. He likes to use reclaimed and local lumber giving it a second life as desks, tables, chairs, headboards, night stands – anything your adult imagination can dream up!