Pendleton Woolen Mills

100813_Pendleton_150YearsLogoHappy Birthday to the iconic brand of classic American style.

Recognized all over the world as a symbol of authentic American heritage and craftsmanship, Pendleton is celebrating 150 years of weaving fabric in the Pacific Northwest this year.

100813_Pendleton_BigDipperCribBlanketMade in the USA. With six generations of family ownership since 1863, the company owns and operates two of America’s remaining woolen mills, attending to them with the love and respect they deserve with state-of-the-art looms and eco‐friendly technology.

Inspired by its heritage, Pendleton designs and produces apparel for men, women and children, blankets, home décor and gifts.

100813_Pendleton_HoodedTowelFor Little Ones. Pendleton’s colorful, beautifully designed and naturally inspired line of children’s blankets, towels, layette, plush toys, dinner sets and room décor can brighten your child’s environment with pieces that can become family heirlooms.

100813_Pendleton_FranklinHorseEach of the “Tell-Me-A-Story” blankets are inspired by the true history of the native peoples of America, giving real-life shared experiences to parents and their kids. Full stories for each blanket can be found on the company website.

100813_Pendleton_Ah-DayMuchachoGirlsAh-Day. “Ah-Day” means “special” in Kiowa, and the Ah-Day blankets are produced exclusively by Pendleton for the American Indian College Fund, a Native American-operated organization dedicated to education. Designed by acclaimed contemporary Native American artist Virginia Stroud, the blanket is inspired by a Plains Indian tradition of new parents placing their child’s remaining navel cord inside an amulet shaped like a turtle. The amulets represent the turtle’s hard shell that will guard the spirit of the child and ensure a long, protected life. Also, a portion of the proceeds from the Ah-Day blankets benefit the Fund.

100813_Pendleton_GirlScoutsGirl Scouts’ Centennial Celebration. Last May, Pendleton wove a custom blanket design for the Girl Scouts’ 100 year celebration, each one issued with a commemorative label signed by Girl Scout alumna and former Governor of Oregon Barbara Roberts.

100813_Pendleton_LayetteAdorned with a few of the original Girl Scout proficiency badges and the Girl Scouts official 100th anniversary logo, the blanket design represents the history as well as the diversity of skills that girls have learned in the last century. Stripes along the top and bottom represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise and the Courage, Confidence and Character element of the Girl Scout mission.

100813_Pendleton_PillowPendleton is available through select retailers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, at Pendleton stores, through company catalogs the Pendleton website.

baby Jack blankets

A child’s first blanket, handmade with love – creating comfort for little ones.

“Our products are all about the senses,” says Kelley Legler, owner and resident Mom of Wisconsin-based baby Jack blankets. “Vibrant colors, textured ribbons and two fabrics – a Silky Satin top coupled with a Minky dimple-dot fleece back.”

071113_babyJackblankets_Yellow Circles Bulk OrderMade in the USA. Kelley and her mother-in-law Nancy hand make these custom blankets with ribbon accents, sewn shut into tabs to prevent a child’s tiny fingers from getting entwined. The design leaves one ribbon open as a “link loop,” to attach a pacifier clip or toy. They specialize in baby- and child-size blankets, and are happy to accommodate larger sizes on request.

“We welcome all custom orders, as I love to create a blanket to fit any person’s personality or match a nursery,” Kelley says. “I find these blankets to be perfect baby shower gifts, all at a low cost, too!”

071113_babyJackblankets_TwinsiesCelebrities Love ‘Em. Kelley also tells me the ribbon tabs provide a safe means of tactile play and sensory stimulation for little ones. Make sure to monitor your child closely during use, please!

baby Jack blankets can be found in boutiques throughout the U.S., as well as many zoos, hospitals, Harley Davidson dealerships, botanical garden gift shops, and on Allow two to three weeks for delivery.

071113_babyJackblankets_FlagLoveyIf you are interested in carrying baby Jack blankets in your store, please contact Kelley for wholesale pricing at