Those Pencil Sticker Things

Just in time for back-to-school.

Do your pencils need a lift? One company has an answer: the perfect kind of stickers made exactly for your “boringville” plain pencils.

081016_CRT_IMG_8001_800When you visit Those Pencil Sticker Things online, you can’t help but get excited. You find out that it’s the best ever website, simply because it’s the place to get Those Pencil Sticker Things. And whether you’re a school-age student or a slightly older wiseacre, you probably have a few boringville pencils that need a lift. They say if your pencils had hands, they would so be high-fiving you now. And it’s true – you can read what pencils are saying about Those Pencil Sticker Things:

“Before I was just a regular yellow pencil that looked the same as everyone else. Then my human got Those Pencil Sticker Things™ and now I’m all different and extra great.”

– Carleton the Pencil

081016_CRT_ThosePencilStickerThings_peelingThose Pencil Sticker Things come complete with (entertaining) instructions on how to pencil stick, critical to any creative learner’s pencil box (as opposed to toolbox, which is what folks usually say here). I happen to be quite the fan of pencils. They help you make mistakes in real time, then fix ‘em easily to your heart’s desire. After all, what fun is learning without mistakes?

081016_Wit_Pencil_Stickers_PRINT_Pencil_Stickers_Original_800Making Pencils Proud

Mark Cohen and the other designers at Wit are the masterminds behind Those Pencil Sticker Things … although I expect they are also “super brainiac aliens from some distant galaxy,” like they say on the About Us page. (By the way, I didn’t even laugh when you mention Atlanta; I lived there twice and loved it. Love more than a few Hot-lantians who still live there, too).

081016_CRT_IMG_8030_800Anywho … your kids are gonna love Those Pencil Sticker Things.

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