Young inventor combines science, fun and “messy” play with her new toy company.

Briana Gardell is a 23-year-old Lehigh University graduate inventor and CEO of Mezzimatic, her new company behind the patent-pending Goblies -one of the toy sensations that launched at the New York Toy Fair 2016. In fact, CNBC named Goblies one of the hottest toys at the fair!


What Are Goblies?

Goblies are walnut sized-balls that can be thrown like water balloons – paintball with a colorful splat. “The idea for Goblies was inspired by a homework assignment in my technical entrepreneurship program asking us to combine manufacturing processes with our own creative direction,” Briana says. “The result is Goblies. I’m excited to officially establish Goblies as a new brand in the toy industry.”


After a successful Kickstarter in 2015, and a Eureka! Venture Series award, Briana readied Goblies for market, registering for her patent and exhibiting her toys at the Mini Maker Faire hosted by Barnes and Noble before officially introducing Goblies to the industry. She recently launched her toys on Maker Shed and at the Da Vinci Science Center.

“As a judge in the 2014 Eureka! Competition run by Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, I was instantly impressed with Briana and her Goblies,” Alita Friedman, toy industry veteran and CEO of Alita’s Brand Bar, says. “She had conceived an innovative and playful new S.T.E.M platform and won the Grand Prize in our competition. I look forward to watching her ongoing success.”

By combining chemistry with creativity, Goblies showcases the best of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education activity kits. Currently available in both a starter kit and refill packs, Goblies include ingredients that allow kids (of all ages) to create squishy throw-able balls in an infinite number of colors. The final product is a wet powder that is not sticky and can be cleaned out of most items. Learn more about the science of Goblies right here.

Meanwhile, Briana has her eye on the future with plans to produce ready-made Goblies for instant fun and is also interested in licensing her new brand to established toy companies.

Congrats, Briana!

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