Matthew’s Child

“It is our belief that it takes a community to raise a child. Everyone is involved, be it parents, social workers, teachers, therapists, neighbors, friends or coaches. Not everyone is called to take children into their home; but those that are need support from others. A friendly word of encouragement or a cup a coffee; a night out to go on a real date; to feel supported by members of their communities as they work together to make a difference for children and families. You are the answer to that need.”

Matthew’s Child supports, advocates, educates and enhances the adoptive community, assisting foster children in Virginia’s Roanoke Valley with programs such as:



Eden’s Closet – this foster care closet is available for new placements; when a child outgrows old clothes; back to school; or for children to stock up on clothes before they return home to their families.

First Night Meal – when you accept a new placement into your home, those first few nights can be hectic. Contact Matthew’s Child for a family meal or gift cards to local restaurants, and take the stress off dinner.

Car Seat Swap – if you accept a last minute placement and need a car seat, Matthew’s Child will provide a brand new car-seat, and request that you purchase a brand new car-seat when you are able to, and donate back to Matthew’s Child and pay it forward to other families in the future. “We cannot provide used car seats, so families replenishing our supply of new car seats are what make this program successful,” Director Melanie Couch says.

Until recently, Matthew’s Child has stayed anonymous.

“We bless people from the shadows, simply to encourage and support,” Melanie says. “The need is growing, and as a result, our resources must grow with it. We are looking to partner with other non-profits that have a like mind in goals. We would like to simply make a connection to see if our organizations can work together to assist the foster children in Roanoke Valley of Virginia.”

Community – Helping – Community

Matthew’s Child also creates a variety of Family Survival Kits for, well –everyone involved:

Kids – When a child first comes into foster care, they provide everything from basic baby essentials in a diaper bag, to hygiene products for teenagers.

Foster Parents – When they can, they provide gift baskets complete with a full date night package to say thanks for all foster parents do for their kids.

Workers – Like the foster parent baskets, they like to “love on” local workers who support adoptive families. They encourage nominations.

Family – Family survival kits promote attachment and togetherness and usually contain family activity gift cards, family games, etc.

Trainings – Matthew’s Child offers a wide variety of trainings both in the community, and at local agencies, partnering with area professionals.


For a person who indeed has a passion for children’s fashion –I have no children of my own to shower with love. I’ve thought about adoption many times in my life. Matthew’s Child offers meals for families with new placements; gifts for children entering the system; support and love for families and parents; a swap option for needs a foster family may have, like kids clothing or furniture; and random acts of kindness for parents, kiddos and social workers who are making a difference every day.

If you live, run a business or a non-profit in the Roanoke Valley are and are interested in supporting your adoptive community, get to know the folks at Matthew’s Child.

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