A mission to promote Spanish and foreign trade, develop products and services and conduct studies of interest to the childrenswear and childcare industries.

Introduced at Children’s Club/NY. While the Spring-Summer 2016 collections of over 500 children’s fashion brands were showcased at this must-see trade show, a list of prestigious children’s fashion brands from Spain – including BARCAROLA, BÓBOLI, CÓNDOR,  MAYORAL,  J.V.JOSE  VARON, PAZ  RODRIGUEZ  and TUC TUC- exhibited pure Spanish style as part of ASEPRI, the Spanish Association for Childhood Products that supports Spanish companies that manufacture children´s fashion and childcare products.

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Children’s fashion brands from Spain are international leaders known for offering the best design, quality and price ratio, especially in America. A 2014 ASEPRI study indicates that international sales have increased by 13%, a new record. For Spanish companies, optimism is high for 2016 and beyond, with forecasts showing an increase in the Spanish market sales of 3.3%, while global sales will grow by 5.1%.

Through ASEPRI, Spanish brand children’s fashion and childcare companies are breaking out in the following markets:  New York, Las Vegas, Texas, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and the list continues. With 25 years of experience, ASEPSI is the benchmark for the children’s fashion and childcare sectors in Spain.

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