Uglydoll Makes Headlines

Thirteen is a lucky number for Uglydoll and 2014 is a very good year!

As Comic-Con opens in San Diego, CA today – be sure to visit Uglydoll … because there’s a whole lot of exciting things going on in their world these days.

072314_CRTPost_Uglydoll_GraphicNovelAs David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim announced earlier this year that they were heading to their new Asia headquarters in South Korea, home of their flagship Uglydoll retail store in Seoul, the company has been making headlines for itself ever since. In addition to expanding its retail presence and licensing program throughout Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines and beyond, Pretty Ugly™, LLC, parent company of the award-winning Uglydoll® brand based in Green Brook, New Jersey, granted license to Howard Keys to produce keys, key chains and lanyards in North America, Canada and selected International Territories, announced a partnership with Fetch…for pets!, a leading manufacturer of pet products in North America, and débuted the latest original graphic novel release from San Francisco, CA-based VIZ Media’s Perfect Square imprint, Uglydoll: My Hero? The novel features 10 full-color stories by  veteran Uuglydoll writer and artists Travis Nichols, Ian McGinty and Phillip Jacobson, with help from Sun-Min Kim, Theo Ellsworth, renowned pop culture artist/writer Junko Mizuno, and two talented design teams from Japan -Mad Barbarians and Devilrobots.

And there’s more … as I say, Uglydoll’s 13th year is a very lucky one!

072314_CRTPost_Uglydoll_StarTrekIn June 2014 alone, David and Sun-Min’s company strikes these fabulous deals:

  • caseable is now licensee for the latest global line of fun and collectible soft and hard cases designed for tablets, smartphones and laptops, distributed through caseable channels and its partner Hewlett-Packard
  • A collaboration with CBS Consumer Products on the iconic Star Trek™ characters, set to launch in 2015. Products include Wage™ as Captain James T. Kirk, Ox™ as first officer Spock™, Ice-Bat™ as chief engineer Scotty, Babo™ as Doctor McCoy and Tray™ as communications officer Uhura
  • A new partnership with Chasing Fireflies to create an exclusive line of costumes for release in 2015
  • 072314_CRTPost_Uglydoll_WizardOfOzA co-branded collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create plus based on The Wizard of Oz™ and fan-favorite Uglydoll characters, Moxy™, Wage™, Jeero™, Babo™ and OX™ to follow along the Yellow Brick Road.

Being different and unique is what Uglydoll™ is all about!

Just this month, Uglydoll announces a groundbreaking partnership with 3D Printing innovator MakerBot on collectibles featuring four of the most popular characters, Babo™, Wage™, Ice-Bat™ and Ox™, which can now be 3D printed on MakerBot® Replicator® Desktop 3D Printers. “Taking Uglydoll into the world of 3D printing seems like a natural extension for our Uglydoll characters,” David says. “Sun-Min and I have been fans of 3D printing for a while and we are excited to be working with MakerBot on bringing our characters to life in a whole different 3D world.”

072314_CRTPost_Uglydoll_3DPrintingThe first wave of characters are in T-pose format, designed to be 3D printed and fully poseable; the second wave are Uglydoll characters in a dynamic stance, posed to enjoy the real world of their owner. A third wave include a 3D printable Uglydoll bus that takes miniature Uglydoll characters on a fun-filled summer vacation; and a fourth wave are 3D printable environments for the 3D printed Uglydoll characters to live in. Jenny Lawton, president of MakerBot and a huge Uglydoll fan, says, “The story behind the creation of the Uglydoll characters by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim showcase how creativity can positively impact lives. We love the fun, light-hearted stories behind the Uglydoll characters and hope that they will help inspire a whole new generation of makers with their 3D printed adventures.”

How cool is that?


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