Spoiled! Fashionz

082013_SpoiledFashionz_02What better way to get your hands on designer duds for kids at a fraction of the cost!

From Ralph Lauren, LaCoste, Armani Jr., Burberry Children, Baby Dior, Moschino Baby/Kid/Teen and Gucci, all kids need to have that outrageous outfit for special school and family functions.

Spelling Bees, school plays, field trips and recitals, and with the holidays just around the corner, kids need clothes that are age-appropriate and super stylish.

082013_SpoiledFashionz_logoLos Angeles, CA-based Spoiled! Fashionz is an exclusive e-commerce consignment retailer* for brand name, luxury designer clothes for children ages 12 and under. This virtual shopping destination features high-end, just-like-new apparel and accessories donated from not only celebrities but fashionable moms everywhere … some clothes still have tags on them, never been worn!

Find everything from jackets, pants, belts, jeans, shirts, tops, dresses and shoes, everything to spruce up your little one’s wardrobe –at an affordable price. There’s even an app for that!

082013_SpoiledFashionz_01Entrepreneur “social light” CeCe Hendricks founded Spoiled! Fashionz while raising her young son Jordan.  A fashionista at heart with a keen eye for style, CeCe came up with the idea to solve a common dilemma most parents have when their children grow up so fast, they don’t have a chance to “wear through” items in their wardrobe.

082013_SpoiledFashionz_04At first, CeCe relied on donations from her personal Hollywood celebrity friends whose kids’ closets were replete with “never been worn” designer styles. The response was so overwhelming that moms everywhere not only shopped the site, but began contacting CeCe to donate “like new” or “unused” pieces from their own kids’ closets.

We’re a new company, but it is important that our business model incorporate an initiative to help those in need, especially the children.

082013_SpoiledFashionz_03Spoiled! Fashionz not only gives “like new” clothing another chance, but a portion of the net proceeds goes to the Jenesse Center, a domestic violence intervention program.

*As a consignment retailer, SpoiledFashionz.com shares 50% commission with the donor.

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