Name Maker Personalized Labels

Back-to-School means time to label your kids’ stuff!

081413_namemaker_01Save time and money with Name Maker‘s easy-to-use personalized clothing and waterproof sticker labels.

Woven Fabric Clothing Labels. Printed with non-fade ink, these labels iron on easily and are made to withstand washer/dryer/commercial laundering and dry cleaning for the life of the garment. Stick ’em on your kids’ clothes, jackets, uniforms and book bags.

Waterproof Personalized Sticker Labels are great on lunch containers, water bottles, school supplies and sports/dance gear. Dishwasher, microwave, ‘fridge and freezer safe. These waterproof stickers are also a must for school kids with allergies and other medical conditions.

081413_namemaker_04On-trend Designs. Kids love the cool-looking styles and Moms love not digging through the lost and found or replacing expensive supplies.

A leading manufacturer of top-quality labels for 75 years, Name Maker uses a unique nine-step process for personalizing products. Name Maker also employs trained artisans who personalize ribbons, napkins, gift wrap, bags and boxes, favor containers, as well as labels in custom made sizes, care content and origin tabs. The company’s personalized gift wrap recently won the Best New Product Award at the National Stationery Show.

Celebrity Favorite. Atlanta, GA-based Name Maker, Inc. was established in 1938 as a fabric label company in New York City. Bernie Bryan, president of Notions Unlimited, bought the company in 1950 and rebuilt all of the original machinery for the Atlanta plant.

Bernie’s daughter Cheryl Dorrell joined the business in 1990, developing several new products, then becoming president in 1996. The company’s personalized packaging concepts have attracted celebrity customers such as Oprah, Martha Stewart, Darcy Miller, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Dakota Fanning, Katie Couric, Tricia Yearwood, David Copperfield, Marcia Gay Harden and Fredric Fekkai, among others.


One thought on “Name Maker Personalized Labels

  1. A benefit of getting name labels on belongings is that, even if your kid loses any asset like his bottle then a label would help others to identify whose bottle it is and your kid’s belongings will reach him without any effort.

    Camp Labels

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