Dots on Tots

Head gear for babies and toddlers made from 100% all-natural, certified organic cotton.

Do you realize? Newborn skin is often very sensitive and needs to be protected –from the sun, potential allergic reactions and other environmental factors.

That’s why Dots on Tots was born – to help new moms everywhere take the best care of their child’s beautiful skin.

071813_DotsOnTots_05“An important aspect of keeping children healthy is to protect their ears, and this is what led me to design the unique ‘aviator’ hat,” says owner/designer Olivia Entin. As a mother of two who knows the importance of natural, comfortable clothing for babies, Olivia’s innovative hat design features flaps that protect infants and toddlers from cold weather and wind, as well as ear, nose and throat infections. In addition, special ear protection hats feature inserts that help reduce noise by 50%, shielding infants and toddlers’ delicate ears from loud sounds.

Made in the USA. Olivia holds a Master’s Degree in fashion design and technology, an d understands that children are usually more sensitive to synthetic chemicals -which is why Dots on Tots knotted hats, reversible sun hats and special ear protection hats are Made in the USA from organic cotton, organic cotton fleece and merino wool manufactured in the USA. All hats are eco-friendly, breathable, irritant-free and non-allergic.

071813_DotsOnTots_packagesIn addition, Dots on Tots hats are absolutely seamless for extra comfort, double-layered and feature adjustable soft Velcro closure on the flaps. Available in sizes infant to 4T; purchase online at

  • Thanks, Candace Disler of 5WPR.COM for introducing me to Dots on Tots! Children’s Retail Today publishes new posts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you want to get the word out about your innovative, imaginative and inspiring products for children, contact me today!


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