Otsuki Sama

A collection of textiles, wallpaper, stationery and accessories inspired by traditional Japanese crafts.

062513_OtsukiSama_montageAfter spending 12 years living in Japan, French designer Valérie Bastit Laudier returns to her native France, with a desire to share her passion for Japanese crafts, as well as her interpretation of them.

Each item has its own story and invites you into the poetic world of Otsuki Sama, the majesty of the moon.

Majesty of the Moon. Valérie creates the lovely and satisfying Ostuki Sama collection. The name means “the majesty of the moon” -a notion of large symbolic significance in Japanese culture- and the collection includes motifs inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetic references as well as a line of textiles dyed with natural indigo.

While living in Japan, Valérie undertakes a long apprenticeship in calligraphy, which opens doors to a new and exciting world for her, giving her the opportunity to master the precise art of Japanese brush techniques. She develops skills in traditional crafts associated with calligraphy, such as assembling folding-screens -that now serve as a support for her work.

In turn, Valérie learns to ornament the screens, with the help of various techniques taught to her by her Japanese tutors -including, the application of gold and silver leaves, Japanese paper weaving techniques and the craft of roller-pressing silk and paper with nature dyes such as indigo or cherry blossom.

As a result, Otsuki Sama comes to life – in a range of products, including stationery, greeting cards, wallpaper, wall decorations, household linen and décor, and accessories such as scarves, aprons and bags.

Certain items are unique or limited editions, made entirely by hand in Valérie’s own studio; others are manufactured by skilled artisans in Lyon or Paris.

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