052313_MadPax_01‘Funk’tional backpacks that are the talk of the town.

Mike Cordovana and Tina Huber make ultra cool backpacks for creative kids … and their parents! The team experiments with ways to construct backpacks that make them stand out in a crowd.

MadPax backpacks are like no other –the cutting edge, origami-inspired designs scream individuality in a unique and wildly fun way!

Each creation conceived enters the ‘fabratory’ as a double dare of design and possibility. We add the punk, passion and purpose, dab out the drab and add the rad.

052313_MadPax_02Is it creature, myth or magic? A huge celebrity favorite –count Britney Spears, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian as customers- MadPax packs are available in a range of sizes, including Full Size, Half Size, Nibbler (a name I really love), a fully-insulated lunch pack and the Mighty Bite, to stash the small stuff.

052313_MadPax_03Once the creator behind custom homes, Mike Cordovana is the company’s math and manufacturing wizard; Tina Huber adds the funk as “sorceress of sales and marketing.” This duo has plans for additional Madpax -including halfpax, packs for littles under five, lunchboxes and accessories.

Pax on, I say!

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