Millions of Colors

050713_MOC_SS2This young label has caught the eyes of millions of minis out there – and their moms, too.

Designer brand Millions of Colors just introduced a Spring Summer 2013 collection that is light and ethereal –full of  flower petals, beach blossoms and summer parties. From polka-dot chiffon ruffles and flower petal skirts to light blue shorts and navy blue bows; the variety of lounge and beachwear is just right for the season.

050713_MOC_SS2_02The seaside is the inspiration for the vibrant floral designs by award-winning industry creative Rujira Lawonvisut, who has worked for a variety of companies including Gap, Theory and Urban Outfitters.

Designing is a lot like cooking. You mix simple ingredients into a big pot to create a dish. And then you add your own special spice.

050713_MOC_SS2_03The all-girl fashion label for ages 2-14 features details like floral petal-shaped embroidered necklines, waistlines and hemlines – with styles that blend solid cotton modal blouses with striped silky skirts for a dash of beauty and beach time fun.

Celebrity Eye-Catcher. Millions of Colors outfits have also caught the eye of the celebrity parents such as Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling and Jennifer Garner, as well as major magazines like Parenting, Small Magazine and others.

If your daughters love the look of soft, breezy style of summers on the beach, head for Millions of Colors –a seaside standout!

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