Children’s Retail Today Adorables – the founders of Zooligans create a new company, taking the brand to another level.

042413_Zooligans_01Cheryl Andonian, co-founder of Zooligans footwear, tells me it’s been a crazy year since she and  her husband, shoe designer Joel Rusnak, launched the brand. The duo just reformed a new company, ShoeString Shoes LLC to make Zooligans shoes even better.

042413_Zooligans_03Stampeding Toward Fall. The Massachusetts-based company is offering exciting additions to the clever collection of animal-themed shoes for Fall ’13, multiplying for the back to school season with a new menagerie of styles, colors and characters in their Pawflex line.

New critters-shoes include a Penguin, Pony and Kitty boot; a Puppy and Gator Ox; a Dinosaur and Monkey mid-cut boot and an Owl and Panda slip on clog – all featuring Zooligans’ signature Paw Flex bottom with its bold paw print design that’s super flexible. Zooligans shoes are designed for little kids’ growing feet with a roomy toe box for toes to stretch and grip plus the flexibility that little feet need.

042413_Zooligans_02Zooligans is also expanding the brand with Baby Zooligans, a collection of soft-soled shoes for infants. Baby Zooligans’ tiniest menagerie includes a Lamb, Lion, Kitty, Piglet, Puppy and Monkey,  made from soft leather and suede to provide protection, warmth (and cuteness) for baby’s delicate feet. The bottoms are made of soft suede and have a fun printed pawprint on the bottom.

Loved by blogging moms everywhere, recognized as “must have’s” and “most awesome,” the new company will be ready to ship the new Zooligans to retailers in August.

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