Introducing Loubilou

041113_Loubilou_lifestyle_03In this new global marketplace, independent designers and small merchants rule –and shoppers can find very unique “childrensware.”

First introduced in the UK and now launching in Australia, Loubilou ( in Australia) is an online selling platform for independent retailers offering children’s clothing, gifts, toys and accessories.

We search far and wide to find the most unique and delightful childrensware, and then bring it together in one hub. In this way, we humbly aim to make the world just a little bit smaller.

041113_Loubilou_landingpage_ukLoubilou offers only merchandise that is well-made and not mass-produced, giving both buyers and sellers a personalized shopping experience far more authentic than department stores, or even other e-commerce sites.

How? “Most parents have limited time and rely on retailers from large shopping centres to shop for their children,” says founder Heath Kane, father of two, award-winning designer and also the former creative director of global marketing firm Sapient. “I noticed my kids -and all their friends- were looking like little department store clones.”

Heath recognized that a child’s individuality is important, but he was very frustrated trying to find one single website offering the kind of clothing, toys and accessories that took that personal style to heart, much less all in one place. So he created it.

041113_Loubilou_lifestyleThis Stuff is Cute. Both Loulibou sites cater to parents with youngsters up to the age of 10, a one-stop shop for high-quality, boutique children’s goods from independent sellers, designers and craftspeople around the world (I particularly like Clareoncloud9’s adorable cloud with smiley faced rain drops). Heath plans to integrate both sites within the next six months to provide a global marketplace for children’s indies –and their fans.

The Loubilou’s are open to any independent merchants or designers that fit the criteria of “high quality, unique and independent.” It’s free to join and there’s no lock in.

“Our mission is to build a platform to give small businesses a voice in a world dominated by big corporate players and to bring small wonders and delight to children through a world of cool stuff,” says Bree Jessup, manager of Loubilou Australia.

Connect with Loubilou on Facebook.

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