Introducing Gallo en Fuego

040913_GalloenFuego_firefighterMade in the USA collection of boys belts, t-shirts, pet accessories and more from the designer of mom and baby accessories line, 2 Red Hens.

Rooster on Fire! Introducing Gallo en Fuego, a new collection of boy’s and men’s accessories, custom designed logo t-shirts and pet products from Red Holliday Studios founder and designer Lori Holliday. Pronounced “guy-o en fway-go,” which is Spanish for “rooster on fire,” the line is made from decommissioned fire hoses. How unique!

Being married to a fireman has more than safety perks. It sparked my design inspiration, too. When fire hose is past its action-packed prime, it is decommissioned with little chance for a second life. Gallo en Fuego takes those spent pieces and transforms them into stylish wearable accessories for men, boys and pets.

040913_GalloenFuego_beltsNew York City Hot. “After years on the battle lines, even the toughest fire hoses have to retire from the field,” they say. Gallo en Fuego sources most of the hoses from New York. At the company’s Colorado-based custom workshop, the hoses are cleaned, keeping all their with distinctive marks from the fire ground intact. Both the inner rubber lining and the tough woven exterior become the raw materials used to hand-craft Gallo en Fuego’s distinctive collection of wallets, belts and other products.

040913_GalloenFuego_tshirtsInspired by her husband Mark, a firefighter for 15 years, Lori wanted to honor him and his fellow heroes, who put their own lives on the line each day. So the company has partnered with The National Fallen Firefighters Association in their mission to remember America’s fallen fire heroes and assist their survivors in rebuilding their lives.  A portion of the proceeds from each sale of Gallo en Fuego products is given to help the families of those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Available (a favorite of mine!) and select boutique retailers nationwide.

  • Thank you, Hilary Abbott, for introducing me to Gallo en Fuego! Children’s Retail Today publishes new posts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you want to get the word out about your innovative, imaginative and inspiring products for children, contact me today!

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