Think Asia, Think Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council is reaching out to companies, industry leaders and select schools in the United States, focusing on opportunities to work together.


We live -and thrive- in a global economy. I’m a huge fan of the “Made in the USA” moniker, not only as a “shop local” philosophy, but as an expression of how we can export our goods and services to benefit the world. The “follow” quality of the Made in the USA movement also inspires other nations and manufacturing powerhouses to step up their ways of doing business, too.

That’s why I’m bringing attention to what can be the largest Hong Kong promotion ever to take place here this summer: Think Asia, Think Hong Kong.

Promotion organizer Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is showcasing the advantages for American companies looking to tap new business opportunities in China and Asia with symposiums held in New York and Los Angeles on June 11 and 14 respectively. Scheduled speakers include CY Leung, chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR Government, and more than 60 prominent senior executives from global companies. “As the global economic balance continues to shift to Asia, Hong Kong is the ideal business platform from which to access the myriad regional opportunities now available in the growing ASEAN area and the Chinese mainland,” says HKTDC chairman Jack So. “Our low taxes, free economy, rule of law, English-speaking environment and world-class business services make us the preferred partner for any overseas businesses wishing to tap these growing possibilities.”

040313_ThinkAsiaThinkHongKong_logoThe Think Asia, Think Hong Kong sessions will focus on why US companies should use Hong Kong’s business advantages, how Chinese enterprises are expanding their international presence through Hong Kong and what mainland companies are looking for in global partners.

Established in 1966, HKTDC is the international marketing arm for Hong Kong-based traders, manufacturers and service providers, and is getting support for the Think Asia, Thing Hong Kong promotion from 14 Hong Kong partners and close to 100 US organizations. About 1,400 US trading, banking, finance and transport firms are in Hong Kong, and roughly 869 US companies maintain regional headquarters or offices there – more than any other country.

Learn more about US Success Stories by visiting this link:

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