This daily deals e-retailer has built a special consumer community with a style all its own.

030513_KidsWoot_logoWhen débuted in 2004, its main online store offered just one product each day, discounted to the max. The Texas-based Woot Services LLC quickly added more sites to its woot-dom, including Kids.woot, which launched in 2009. About a year later, Woot was acquired by, and is now an independent subsidiary selling products by Woot, Inc.

030513_KidsWoot_webpageKids.woot sells children’s products – “all the accoutrements that make your little bundle of joy so damn expensive,” they say in the spinoff site’s online description. And there you have it – the thing that makes Woot so … special.

Woot Style. For many parents, just visiting Kids.woot is an entertaining adventure, due in large part to the company’s irreverent, funny writing style. The fan-based social community of woot includes a plethora of venues where folks are encouraged to “discuss,” including Kid Woots, Woots Plus, World of Kids.Woot, Everything But Woot and more. Which could make shopping, well –a lot more fun. Sophomoric? Perhaps. But can you get through one visit without at least one woot (i.e. chuckle)?

Cool Cheap Stuff. They say that Woot is “the hope in the eyes of a child when that child realizes you don’t have to pay List Price for cool stuff.” In the end, Kids.woot can give a shopper great new deals every day. Special shopping events, too.

Perhaps that’s all the woot you need.

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