Jammy Jams

Giving the standard lullaby a modern day makeover, for the little rocker in all of us.

021213_JammyJams_JeffBradfordOnce upon a time in another life, Jeff Bradford played drums for rock bands, touring throughout the US – most recently with Baltimore, MD-based Hollowboy. His music love began at the age of five, when he picked out a drum set for his birthday, making music in the suburbs of Washington, DC -where he was born and raised- rockin’ out whenever he could.

Yet fatherhood can change a lad, and in Jeff’s case, re-imagine what one loves the most. Three years ago, inspired by his new baby son, Rollins, Jeff came up with a way to keep the music playing.

021213_JammyJams_02Feedings of Inspiration. All those late nights tending to little Rollins gave Jeff the idea to take his musical career in a different direction, developing lullabies that could not only soothe and calm baby, but entertain sleep-deprived parents. “I called my Hollowboy band mate, Tim Phillips and asked him to be a part of a new project,” Jeff says. Over the next six months, the two arranged and recorded fun, modern lullaby versions of songs originally performed by bands and artists ranging from Dr. Dre and Run DMC to Lady Gaga and the Fray. In October 2011, they released three albums under the Jammy Jams brand, which has grown to include nine albums, with more on the way. Jammy Jams is recognized worldwide, garnering press in countries like Germany and available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan,  Denmark, Norway and Australia.

021213_JammyJams_01Lullabies That Rock Your Baby To Sleep. Jammy Jams tunes feature the soothing sounds of vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, piano, blocks and more that are performed and arranged by Jeff and Tim. Each album also has its own original character who’s a big fan of each music genre: the original DJ The Bear loves hip-hop and prefers the classic style; Lady Ducky is quite the little diva, and loves dance and pop music; Les The Lamb is a very spiritual loves rock music; among others.

021213_JammyJams_03Available as CDs and MP3 downloads, the Jammy Jams’ latest, Lullabylooza, is described as ’90s Alternative Goes Lullaby, featuring lullaby versions of songs originally by Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Edwyn Collins, Oasis, Spacehog, The Cure, Faith No More, Nirvana, Toadies and Pixies.

Rock on!

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