Little Quadoo Consignment

Search the words, “shop local” “buy local” and you’ll find quite the populated list of results on your computer screen.

From trend to craze to legitimate movement, buying local is catching on and fast becoming a preferred way to shop. The movement has inspired a cottage industry of resources to help you find what you’re shopping for locally, too –from the partner to local campaigns from, and more. And moms have led the cause.

In the spirit of buying local, this week I’m focusing on a few children’s specialty retailers in my own locality.

020613_LittleQuadooConsignment_redtricycleawardDo you Quadoo? Established in 2010, Little Quadoo Consignment is located in downtown Renton, WA and offers “one of the least stressful kids shopping experiences you’ll ever have,” say the folks at red tricycle, a local resource for parents, which recently gave Little Quadoo the 2012 Totally Awesome Award as Sensational Resale Store. “They have quite a thorough item acceptance policy, so moms won’t have to worry about quality being second-rate.”

020613_LittleQuadooConsignment_storefrontOwner Danielle Gould has filled a real need in the Renton area, with a specialty kids shop where customers can consign and purchase children’s merchandise. With over 800 consigner accounts, Little Quadoo focuses on gently used, high-quality children’s clothing and accessories up to size 10, and carries a wide range of other things like shoes, gifts, books, toys and maternity. The store has also built a nice online community on Facebook, too –where neighbors connect with Danielle and her team, finding out about everything from sales to particular items for sale.

020613_LittleQuadooConsignment_customordercapesCustom Orders. Looking for a unique birthday gift? Little Quadoo fills orders for custom-made capes. Retailing for just $14, you can pick the color and the super hero letter, too.

Danielle tells the Renton Patch that the “quadoo” in Little Quadoo is a made-up word her son Nathaniel uses for garage doors.

Little Quadoo Consignment, 601 S 3rd St.,  Renton WA 98057, 425-572-6261

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2 thoughts on “Little Quadoo Consignment

  1. Janet Gray Muniz says:

    Thanks for your opinion, Emily. Certainly didn’t mean to offend you, as I am not referring to the the word you mention. I, too celebrate the diversity of downtown Renton, Renton in general -as well as the world over.

    I’ve deleted the reference, especially for you.

    Many thanks.

  2. Ms. Muniz: You write–“The word, ‘quadoo,’ sometimes refers to a person of certain combined nationalities,” –and I am completely thrown by this. Are you attempting to draw a connection between the almost-never-used, hypodescent ‘Quadroon’? Because this seems ridiculous and is an unbelievable stretch for an article written about a store and an amazing store owner who celebrates the wonderful diversity of downtown Renton. In my opinion…

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