keekoo’s New BID2WIN Events

Beginning February 1, is launching an exciting new event for baby gear.

020113_keekoo_BID2WINLogoNew Jersey-based, the flash-sale website devoted exclusively to providing discounted premiere bump to baby products, is launching a new daily bid event called BID2WIN.

“Necessity baby gear such as strollers are notoriously difficult to find in discount online or brick and mortar stores,” says keekoo co-founder Scott Whitley, “but keekoo’s BID2WIN events allow every shopper the opportunity to win baby gear at great prices.”  Launching Friday February 1 (that’s tomorrow!), members can make a bid on a plethora of top-quality baby gear such as strollers, high chairs, carriers and more. The team at keekoo takes the offer to the manufacturer in real time, and if accepted, awards the gear to the shopper at their offer bid or better.

011713_keekoo_01What’s more, the first BID2WIN STROLLERS event also includes free shipping on all strollers won by shoppers!

Become a registered member of keekoo today, using this special invite from Children’s Retail Today, and get it in gear with a winning bid, starting February 1. Membership is free – and remember, members enjoy up to 80% off fabulous maternity, beauty, nursing, baby apparel, gifts, accessories and newborn gear during special sales events created just for you.

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