Funnybone Toys – the Art of Card Games

010213_FunnyboneToys_LogoThis Colorado-based company is the brainchild of people who are passionate about how we connect through play and how good design plays into that connection.

Making a color splash in the world of game-making, Funnybone Toys™ launched three fun and thought-provoking card games in 2012. Visually stunning works of art, Array™, CUBU™ and Spectrix™ engage game players and store-owners alike with vibrant color and stunning graphics.

Our games use good design to stimulate creativity and give your brain a workout.

Funnybone card games are designed to be enjoyed by players ages eight to adult –and everyone seems to learn something by playing with them, regardless of age. Younger players can develop an appreciation of color and hue –and older players want to keep them in a place where they will be seen by everyone -because they are meant to be played!

010213_FunnyboneToys_DisruptusGood Design. This winter, the company is introducing Disruptus™, a game described as “designed to open every mind.” Funnybone Toys can be found in specialty toy and game stores, museum stores, book stores, gift stores and resorts throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, with projected growth in Latin America this year.

Funnybone Toys is created as a true combination of form, function and beautiful, minimalist design, and the design team -headed by a renowned TED Conference presenter on type and design- wants people to actually see, enjoy and appreciate the art in their games.

010213_FunnyboneToys_ArrayEtAlPresident Julien Sharp is passionate about the success of U.S. small businesses and their collective power to provide jobs. Once a cruise director and entertainer, Julien intends to build close relationships with small businesses as extensions to the core members of the Funnybone Toys team. She is a recognized expert; her book How to Design and Launch an Online Networking Business was published in 2009.

In the future, Funnybone Toys may include a line of active/outdoor toys, medical- and human body-related toys and games, and games that focus on increasing cognitive functions and/or manual dexterity. I can’t wait!

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