Pink is just a color …

Long Island mom writes a funny, endearing book about gender stereotypes.

120612_PinkisJustAColor_CoverNiki Bhatia‘s own two sons are the inspiration for her children’s book, Pink is Just s Color, and So is Blue. Funny and reassuring, the story teaches children -and adults- about acceptance, tolerance, and having confidence in who you are.

We are all different and like different things. What matters is that we are happy and confident.

When Niki’s younger son was three, he loved the color pink. It was only when his older brother teased him for being “like a girl,” that she decides that this kind of teasing often leads to bulling later in life. So she wrote a book to help.

For Niki, a world defined by pink and blue is becoming out-dated, and her humorous story teaches young readers that they should be free to choose what they like without someone else dictating what that should be. With this book, Niki hopes to break some of the old gender stereotypes about children’s toys and gender specific colors.

Published in October, Pink is Just a Color and So Is Blue reminds adults about the joy of life’s possibilities, while teaching children about the importance of being themselves. To further enrich their reading experience, she includes discussion questions and activities for parents and teachers.

Niki lives in Long Island, NY and blogs at The book is available on, and makes a great gift for the holidays.

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