Meet three plush toy friends from Canada who’d like to get to know you, too.

Lilikin, The Melancholy Grey Kitten; Mollycoddle, The Ultra-Dainty Albino Bunny; and Eleven, The Small-for-his-Age Monkey are plush toy friends born from the mind of  creative toy designer Kimberley Cleland. Together, they make up the Lilikin&Friends line of top quality plush toys made with cotton fabrics that are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). They’re stuffed with eco-conscious recycled polypropylene fibers, and have been tested and approved as safe for even the youngest of children.

Whether you’re happy, sad, or just plain confused, your new friends understand and will stay by your side. They can turn frowns upside down, and make smiles shine even brighter!

The company that makes Lilikin and his friends is about three years old, according to Kimberly, who says that not only are parents buying them for their school-age kids and as shower gifts, but adults are buying them for themselves or as gifts for their own friends.

No matter your age, you can get to know Lilikin, Mollycoddle and Eleven online or on Facebook –where all the top quality plush toys meet, of course. In fact –each one of them has their own Facebook page where fans can friend them personally (Lilikin also has a blog!).

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