We Have a Winner in the OMAs!

Premiere Organized Mom Awards sponsor Stuck On You donates $1000 to Regina Food Bank for Local Mom

When Kathryn Lavallee was growing up, her family didn’t have much money. Often, she and her siblings were convinced that they would run out of food. “No child should ever have to feel that fear,” she says.

Kathryn is the newly crowned winner of the Organized Mom Awards 2012 (OMAs)an exciting new way for moms to share tips, favorite things and fun stuff that makes life easier for families everywhere. And as part of this honor, Kathryn is presenting a check of $1000 to her favorite charity –the Regina Food Bank in Regina, Saskatchewan, her hometown. “Thanks to the Food Bank, children are able to sleep knowing there will be a meal waiting for them the next day,” Kathryn says. “It’s not just about providing food to families, it’s about giving children the feeling of security that so many of us take for granted.”

With a total cash prize of $2000, OMA sponsor Stuck on You also presented Kathryn with $1000, donating a second $1000 to the charity of her choice on her behalf. “To be able to give such a wonderful gift to a cause I support so strongly is going to be an incredible experience and I am honored that the Organized Mom Awards has given me the chance to do that.”

Entries came in from families of all descriptions and all sizes, all with an organized mom at the center.

100 Words or Less. Throughout the summer, moms from all over Canada and the United States entered the OMAs by explaining in 100 words or less what makes them feel like an organized mom, sharing their top three tips for organization. Friends and family were able to vote for their favorites on the OMA Facebook page. “The common thread was that moms are doing the very best they can and have developed the most inventive and creative ways of managing their families and keeping organized,” says Carrie Felton, Stuck on You owner and mom of  three boys. The Award judges enjoyed reading all of the wonderful entries and were overwhelmed by the hard work, dedication and care that so many moms are providing to their families. “We loved Kathryn’s entry because it was genuine, had the perfect balance of humor and humility … and we all agreed that we will be using her tips.”

Kathryn is a mom of two boys and the editor of Mommy Kat and Kids, a blog offering solutions that make life a little easier for busy moms and their families. Here’s a little of what Kathryn shared in her OMA entry:

I am nominating myself not because I am the most organized person in the world; I am not. But if improvement is considered, I’ve got this one in the bag! I went from total slob to Manager Mom after the birth of my boys and while I’m still learning as I go, I can’t help but be proud of how far I’ve come!

Read Kathryn’s Top Three Tips here.

Children’s Retail Today is a very proud media sponsor of the OMAs, where I shared a few of my favorite children’s companies that also support charitable causes with panache. In addition to Kathryn’s prize, the top 30 entries who received the most votes will also receive a voucher from Stuck on You.

Stay tuned for some exciting news from Stuck on You later this fall!

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