Keep Kids’ Knees Protected with Crawlings

Two-year-old company Crawlings makes infant and toddler accessories, including kid-friendly kneepads.

It’s a Wobbly World Out There! Sisters and new moms Tina Dowden and Hailey Kim started their New York-based company out of a need to have what they call “fun and sweet utilitarian designs.” Available at and retailers in the U.S., the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the UAE, the company’s collection of kneepads give your child that extra protection while they learn to navigate the big and sometimes wobbly world in style.

As our babies were learning to crawl, their knees were always red, bruised, and scratched from the carpet, tile or hardwood floors. We tried to find a product in the marketplace that would protect their little knees without hindering their mobility. After months of searching, we decided to design and make exactly what was needed to help our babies as they became more mobile.

Made of premium cotton, EVA foam and spandex, Crawlings kneepads are soft, stretchable and breathable, designed to move and grow with the child. Perfect for indoor use and the rough ‘n tumble great outdoors.

Designed to protect in a super stylish way, the fun embroidered designs keeps kids standing tall, exploring what’s under their knees, and come in an adorable star-covered box, perfect for baby showers and birthday parties.

Crawlings also supports MiracleFeet, a nonprofit international organization to help children with clubfeet get the simple, affordable, and effective treatment they need to walk, run and play like every child deserves.

Thank you, Katie Hammond  of 9SPR for introducing me to Crawlings!

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