Lullabies a la Lady Gaga

Kids everywhere can enjoy Soothing Lullaby Arrangements of Songs Made Famous by Lady Gaga -the newest addition to the Baby Blanket Music collection. 

The distinctive Baby Blanket Music collection for children features unique lullaby arrangements of favorite songs from favorite artists, like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Billy Joel, John Mayer, Simon & Garfunkel, Garth Brooks and The Beatles. And now, Lady Gaga joins this list.

As our line continues to expand, we are excited to introduce the songs of Lady Gaga. Arranging these edgy, contemporary tunes in a way that holds true to the Baby Blanket Music sound has been a welcomed challenge and pleasure.

-Josh Rutt, founder and CEO

New York-based teacher, composer and performer Josh Rutt created Baby Blanket Music in 2009. Josh developed his distinctive line of music designed to appeal to babies, parents and grandparents alike with guidance of a wide range of doctors, teachers and child development specialists.

Incredibly musical, always theatrical and undeniably relevant, Lady Gaga is be one of today’s hottest stars, and her catchy songs have captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. Baby Blanket Music’s album features instrumental arrangements of hits such as Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance and The Edge of Glory.

Designed to soothe while enhancing the enjoyment and cognition of music, Baby Blanket Music features familiar baby sounds like vibraphones and music boxes paired with a full medley of rich, classical instruments including strings, woodwinds, pianos, harps and soft percussion.

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