All Things Infantissima

The story of Infantissima is a warm one.

While ‘Infantissima’ won’t be found in any dictionary, if it were a real word, it would be Italian and probably translate as the most special, precious, little baby in the whole wide world.

-co-owner Trudy Hutchings

The specialty baby gifts and accessories company promises to make a lasting impression on you, your little ones –your friends and their little ones, too- with every purchase you make. From bibs to burp cloths, blankies to hooded towels, artist smocks and more … the folks at Infantissima use the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and all products are CPSIA-compliant, meaning no lead or phthalates were detected in any of the fabrics or component parts. Not to mention the great prices.

Made in Texas. What’s more, all of the products made available on the company website are manufactured and processed in the United States. “Infantissima was born as all good ideas are,” Trudy begins, “out of necessity and a mother’s ingenuity.” In this case, it is grandmother’s ingenuity that kicks in, when Trudy gets inspired to make her own shower gifts for her daughter and first grandchild. That was in 2003, when she and other daughter Jennifer sewed up 16 burp cloths, each with their own theme and full fabric lining with ribbon trim.

What began as an expression of love for daughter Allison, son-in-law Ray and grandson Jack turned into a first order from a local specialty baby store – and the family continues to grow the business, Texas-style.

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