Charming, Vintage Maisonnette Children’s Clothing

People are talking about the delightful Maisonnette clothing line, thanks in part to Rachel Florio PR. And with good reason!

The three-year-old Maisonnette brand began as a boutique by Ava, Natalie and Madeline Warr. It quickly transformed into charming clothing collection for girls and boys, size 6M- 7. Designed by Madeline and Ava, the vintage-classic, modern pieces made with inspired fabric combinations burst with color and uniqueness –and a little European style. The girls recently débuted the Fall 2012 line at ENK Children’s Club to rave reviews.

Children love Maisonnette clothing for the look and comfort. Parents love the clothing because it can be worn from the park to the party!

Made in the USA. Maisonnette clothing is designed and made in Oceanside, CA with what they call “an edgy twist to each piece.” Madeline and Ava personally choose the finest fabrics for their unique designs, transforming each into a work of art.

French Flair. “Maisonnette” is a French word meaning a small house or self-contained apartment in a larger house. The same is true of the Warr’s lovely studio. Located in a black and white 1924 cottage, Maisonnette shares space with Natalie, who is the company’s photographer. Natalie owns and operates Natalie Jennette Photography, specializing in infant, family, wedding as well as commercial photography.

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