Dainty Lions – Hot, Young Accessory Line with Celebrity Following

In a snap, mix and match trendy accoutrements to any single headband, hair clip, button or pendant.

About two years ago, Heather Ells invented Dainty Lions interchangeable snap accessories after she decides to be a stay at home mom for her little ones. With a degree in elementary education and the inspiration of her daughters, whom she knew she’d be accessorizing for years to come, Heather put her creativity to good use, dreaming up a way to use a snap system in a line of super-trendy interchangeable accessories. After experimenting with multiple prototypes, she launched Dainty Lions, so girls of all ages can “Change it out. Snap it in.” With just one single base accessory and different button or flower snaps, girls can create multiple looks.

What girl doesn’t like a little bling?

Each Dainty Lions product has a snap securely attached, and can be mixed and matched with Dainty Lions headbands, hair ties/wristbands, ties, pendants and bobby pins. What’s more, girls can trade ’em to create even more unique looks.

The product name is inspired by the wishful thinking behind the memory of watching dandelion seeds floating in the air. It not only conjures the magic of childhood, but appeals to moms and grandmothers who treasure its whimsy.

“We sell our line in many small retail shops across the country,” Heather tells me, “and many teens/young adult stars have been wearing them to red carpet and other events.”

Dainty Lions has quite a following on Facebook, where fans can find out about new styles, contests and more –and Heather also keeps them up-to-date on the various charities and foundations she likes to donate to.

Journaling Ideas. I read recently that Heather writes all her new ideas in a journal (love this!) until they’re ready to introduce. Be on the lookout for Double the Dainty,  two button snaps or two mini flower snaps on one elastic headband.

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