Squishable Socks That Entertain

How does a former surf apparel executive start a baby clothing company? He is inspired by his twins … and the recent earthquake in Japan.

In their search for fun, practical clothing for their twins Kai and Lily, Matthew Sanders –former chief executive officer and president of Volcom Japan- and his wife Kanako are inspired by the Japanese aesthetic known as “kawaii”, which means “cute.” After the Japanese earthquake in 2011, they return to Southern California USA and set out to create a children’s apparel brand that appeals first to babies and toddlers.

Socks that entertain? The result is pipopipo (pronounced pee-po pee-po), a baby and toddler apparel and accessory company that designs age-appropriate clothes for children ages five and under that is fun to wear and practical to buy. The collection features signature pipopipo friends –whimsical characters that are fun, adventurous and kawaii– representing all that is good about being a kid.

Available this fall. pipopipo launches with a collection of eco-friendly infant sock sets, featuring 3-D faces designed to be touched and squished. Packaged in an eco-friendly, reusable bamboo box, the socks are rayon, made from sustainable bamboo, nylon, spandex and polyester. They’re also mold-, mildew- and odor-resistant, moisture wicking and thermal regulating, and non-slip, featuring Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)-safe silicone on the bottom. And … they’re machine washable!

We believe in adventure, fun and blurring the lines between the real and imaginary. We’re always looking for new pals to play with. Won’t you come join us?

-pipopipo friends

Online fun. The company’s website, www.pipopipoclothing.com, is an interactive entertainment destination featuring storytelling and age-appropriate content for children five and under.

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