Poofy Pansy Pie Tutus

Introducing The World’s Poofiest Tutus for babies & toddlers.

Celebrity parents like Sarah Michelle Gellar –and her daughter- are loving Pansy Pie tutus …

Our latest Easter collection brings on the bunny like never before. Give your special little one a holiday they will never forget, and photos that you will cherish over and over again.

Danielle Carr is the designer behind Pansy Pie, a St. Louis, MO-based company where she creates not only The World’s Poofiest Tutus, but tutu outfits, custom orders, leg warmers, and tutu tutorials to make your own boutique-quality fashions. “My tutus and tutu outfits are designed and created with lots of love,” she says. “I use only the highest quality products in my creations and strive to make the best product for customers.”

Handmade in the USA. Pansy Pie tutus are hand-tied in a special way which makes them fantastically full. They’re made from high quality tulle sourced in the United States, too.

Danielle and her company also like to find really unique and fun ways to celebrate any special event, whether it’s a holiday like Easter, or a birthday. Read on for some of them:

Danielle’s Pansy Pie Birthday Party Ideas

Girl’s Ballerina Party. This party is fun for both parents and kids!  The girls are asked to arrive in a leotard, tights and comfortable shoes (or ballet slippers if they have them). When the guests arrive, they are each handed a tutu to wear, which they can take home. The girls have fun putting on their tutus and also applying kid-safe makeup. A ballet dancer (collage dance students are great for this) is hired to come to the party and give the girls an easy ballet lesson. After the girls practice their new moves, they each get to take a picture with the ballet dancer. These photos are included with the thank you card.

The Breakfast Party. This cute party idea is held in the morning for breakfast. It can be held at home or at a restaurant. Be sure to call ahead and make arrangements with the management if you opt to eat out. Have all the kids show up at 9AM in their PJ’s and\ slippers! Have the tables already set with cute napkins and a carafe of orange juice; the plates of breakfast food served around 9:15 AM. Egg pancakes are easy to make, and can be eaten on tortillas and cut into pizza-style slices for an unexpected twist. For games, try a best PJ and worst “bed-head” prize, or see who can make a bed the fastest. Give morning related prizes such as toothbrushes, hair brushes and eye masks.

Apple Orchard Party: In this fall themed party, the kids will have fun riding a tractor to a site in an apple orchard where they all help to fill two bushels of apples. After that, there is a picnic with apple juice, and other goodies made with apples. The kids can play hide and seek and other fun games in the orchard. After the party, the two bushels of apples are divided into paper bags and each child gets to take home a “Make Your Own Caramel Apple” kit. What a great time the kids will have at this party!

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