Sugar Plum NY Launches Laundry by Shelli Segal Collection

The sugar plum is a legendary symbol of everything sweet and delectable. And so it is with the delicious selection of girls dresses from Sugar Plum NY, Inc.

Ask for it by name. Sugar Plum’s three signature brand designs are Dorissa, Sugar Plum, and Little Miss, plus the recently introduced The Girls’ Collection from Laundry by Shelli Segal (pictured at right). Find Sugar Plum’s chic-traditional party dresses, Communion and junior-inspired dresses in lux fabrics like shantung, organza, chiffon, taffeta, flocked velvet, satin and sequined lace in rich colors like burgundy, teal, pewter, black and plum. Sweet and delectable, indeed.

Little girls feel special and happy in our dresses -adding joy and festivity to their celebrations. As an owner of Sugar Plum since 1985, I’ve enjoyed working with the finest team, and we hope it’s a special part of their fondest memories.

Sugar Plum president Michael Fallas recently talked to me about what makes Sugar Plum dresses so special.

Designed in the USA. Our collection is designed in-house. We find this hands-on approach much more worthwhile, especially because it involves our entire team from the very beginning.

Making Our Dresses is Extremely Unique. We make sure that each dress in every brand stands on its own, with an individual identity. The collection is based on fun fabrics and trims, intriguing embellishments and an eye-catching colors.

There’s the Perfect Dress for Any Occasion. Interestingly enough, although all of our brands are special occasion dresses, each has a distinct difference. Dorissa is contemporary and updated. Sugar Plum is traditional with our special flair and touch. Little Miss is classically traditional, with sizzle.

We Know Our Brand. We know it’s most important that the consumer be drawn to our attractive, appealing dresses; that they are very pleased with the price; and finally, that they recognize the brand for its integrity and tradition. And we always deliver.

Known for fine quality, trendy fabrics, unique and distinctive styling as well as excellent value, Sugar Plum NY is a wonderful line of chic, sophisticated looks and whimsical, flirty and fun dresses.

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