Cupcake Pajamas from The Baby Bunch

You’re probably familiar with The Baby Bunch, one of Martha Stewart’s favs.

I’ve been a fan of The Baby Bunch ever since I first saw the lovely gift bouquets full of soft baby essentials. The thoughtful packaging just seems to enhance the elegant contents within.

The Baby Bunch combines practicality with presentation. We wanted to create a gift that was attractive yet useful and offers everything a baby needs to get the best possible start in life.”

-founders Bryony Boxer and Simon Martin

If you haven’t seen these cute little morsels of baby happiness, here’s your chance. The company is now serving Cupcake Pajamas in pink for girls and blue for boys. Each box contains a 100% cotton top and matching striped bottom rolled to look like cupcakes, suitable for a child 12-18 months or up to 22 lbs. (remove the decorative elements before putting clothing on child). Each box is tied with a ribbon and bears a gift tag.

By the way, Baby Bunch gifts delight parents, too!

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