Woolly Boo

Woolly Boo essential baby products make life easier for parents and heavenly for baby.

Whether it’s naptime or nighttime, Woolly Boo® Infant Sleep Sacks wrap little ones in luxury. Made with organic wool filler, which is layered with un-dyed natural cotton for breathable, hypoallergenic softness. A single color cotton fabric is sewn inside, followed by an outside fabric -usually a durable, easy-to-maintain damask- and it is finished off with a zipper. All seams are protected so that they do not irritate a child’s skin. Can also act as a wearable blanket.

The best way to maintain the Woolly Boo® Infant Sleep Sack is by exposure to fresh air. Spot clean. Air dry flat.

“We do not recommend washing wool unless it is absolutely necessary, as traditional detergents strip away many of the natural benefits of wool. In extreme cases, soak the product in cold water with a capful of white vinegar or use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for wool. You can also wash it in a machine that has a specialized ‘wool’ or ‘delicate’ cycle.”

Woolly Boo also makes Crib Bumper Pads, Toddler Travel Pillows and Crib Mattress Pads/Toddler Pillow/Comforter Sets, too. All available in cotton Damask, cotton twill and cotton flannel in prints and solid colors.

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