Empowered Clothing

Action sports clothing line celebrates first year!

“My eight-year-old son wanted me to buy him a t-Shirt at an action sports event a year ago, but every shirt had an image of a gun or a marijuana leaf,” Javier Gamboa says. “That’s not the example I’d like to set for my children, and I know there are many other parents out there that feel the same way. So we set out to do it better, and bring a positive message to the action sports community and the youth of America. Javier is president, CEO and co-owner of Phoenix, AZ-based Empowered Clothing Company, who, along with Chuck Crouthamel, created a line of clothing designed to be cool enough to rival the biggest established brands in the lifestyle and action sports category, but also “inspire everyone to find their purpose in life, and feel empowered to live that purpose.”

Messages like LIVE ON PURPOSE, BREATHE IN VICTORY, EXHALE DEFEAT and IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE adorn nearly every t-shirt, beanie and cap. “We’ve even invited our customers to design their own messages,” Chuck says, “and we take tag lines suggested by fans and incorporate them into our newest products.”

Since launching last year, Empowered products are being shipped to kids of all ages in every corner of the country. The commitment to giving back to the youth in each community is unrivalled. As inspirational speakers, Javier, Chuck and Empowered Clothing Company’s strategic partners -often action sports athletes- visit schools, recreation centers, skateboard parks and other places where kids can learn to become empowered members of their community and speak about goal setting, dreaming big and dedicating their lives to following their dreams and becoming positive, contributing members of society. The company also works with charitable and community organizations by creating fundraising partnerships designed to assist non-profits in continuing to create inspiring programming and outreach for kids. Led by “Social Media Dude and Community Architect” Tommy Pierucki (yes, this is his real title), Empowered Clothing Company connects daily with their customer base via their rapidly growing online presence. Celebrities from throughout the action sports world provide online messages and endorsements, and kids are encouraged to share their own videos of themselves participating in action sports while wearing Empowered gear.

-Janet Muniz


2 thoughts on “Empowered Clothing

  1. CMulder says:

    This is awesome. Empowered Clothing Company is doing so much to empowered kids through fundraising and by supporting youth sports through
    out Arizona!

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