Great Comeback Story!

“With great love & appreciation, we once again open the doors of LillyLu!”

Two years ago this week, after the explosion that rocked downtown Bozeman, Montana, LillyLu continues to celebrate new beginnings.

On December 1, 2009, the Lilly Lu “family” and their beloved customers celebrated the store re-opening at 424 East Main – nine months later. “We are so excited to see you again!” the children’s boutique posted to their social media group for the event. “Please join us for our ribbon cutting & be the first to see our new nest!” Lilly Lu’s new nest has been going strong ever since. For more information, join Lilly Lu’s Facebook Group.

In remembrance of what was lost and in celebration of another year of success, here’s a shout out to the staff and customers of Lilly Lu … and Bozeman, too … Congratulations!

-Janet Muniz


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