Geometric Prints to Fascinate Baby

Megan Kelleher is founder of Tutortogs, the first line of stylish apparel and accessories designed to stimulate an infant’s vision.

“I’m a mother of three,” she tells HCRSourceBook. “I come from a large family and we spend a lot of time together. One day while feeding the babies, we noticed our infants were fascinated by a patterned t-shirt I was wearing. Their little eyes followed me everywhere, which was such a great feeling! We all saw the possibility in that moment: a line of clothing specially designed for new baby eyes: high contrast patterns that they can easily see.”

The company launched last summer with a collection of women’s tops for new moms and others who care for baby, like grandmothers, aunts and nannies. Now the Nursery Cool collection of infant wear – rompers, infant gowns and matching baby caps topped with pom poms – sport the  Tutortogs signature black and white geometric prints to fascinate baby.

-Janet Muniz


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