Got a boo-boo? Here’s a blankie!

Determined to soothe her baby son’s pain following a minor operation, mom Krissy McCoy added a pocket to his favorite security blanket to hold – and hide – an ice pack. As soon as she saw her baby happy and healing, Krissy wanted to use her ingenious Boo-Boo Blankies® design to help other parents in the same situation. These Made in the USA fleece blankets are personalized with monograms and appliqués, and equipped with a reusable hot/cold pack.

“Krissy McCoy is building a very special business by creating a product that helps ease the suffering of children and their families,” says MaryLenore Arsenault of BopStar-PR Inc., a company known for BopStar Baby celebrity baby baskets. “With loving care as its foundation, a Boo-Boo Blankie® is truly ‘the blanket that makes it all better.'”

Krissy has added matching burp cloths, doll-sized blankies, bracelets and keychains to her product line, all handmade to order at the small Alabama home-based business. Her products have been featured on LIVE! with Regis & Kelly among others. And that’s not all.

Krissy launched a charitable division of her company the very say day she opened for business. Her Close to My Heart Charity Projects donates $1.00 from every blankie sold to a Child of the Month, selected from Boo-Boo Blankies® customer nominations. “My heart goes out to those families who spend more time at the hospital than at home,” Krissy tells HCRSourceBook. “I am amazed at the bravery these young children possess and admire their strength. I see this blanket business as a way for me to be able to help other families with children suffering from serious illness or rare disorders.”

Boo-Boo Blankies™ is also a corporate sponsor for AMCSI, an organization that supports families suffering with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a rare neuromuscular disorder.

-Janet Muniz


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