Back To School

Are your customers shopping for back-to-school?

Sama Baby‘s newest line is a must-have for every baby and kid this fall: organic jeans. They are high quality, organic and affordably priced at $40 a pair for babies from 12 months old to six years old.

Founders Shivani and Neha Gupta have dreamed about offering a modern, stylish organic denim collection and are excited to finally share it with babies and kids worldwide. “We spent months testing the organic eco denim and wanted the jeans to look sophisticated, yet easy to play in,” explains Neha, who is head designer.

The result: Each pair is designed for the kid on the go:

-super soft, pre-washed denim in rich dark blue

-an adjustable elastic waistband on the inside to create a stylish outer

-laser-etched tags instead of itchy sewn-in labels

-signature embroidered elephant logo on the pocket

-rock star elephant lining

-square pockets on the Dylan for boys

-diamond shaped pockets on the Bridget, for girls

The organic cotton jeans are lightweight for mobility and all day play, and designed to accommodate various shapes, sizes, and growth rates. “We tested and tried our organic cotton denim out on children to find out exactly what level of fabric to use, and get the right amount of durability so that kids can play and have fun, while not feeling like they are wearing a heavy pair of jeans,” they say.

Sama Baby also follows the highest standards for organic cotton garments like using eco-friendly dyes, an environmentally-safe dying processes, and biodegradable bags to store their fabrics. Staying true to their heritage, the Guptas produce Sama Baby products at a family-run, fair-trade factory in India where the family frequently visits their cotton fields and oversees production.

Sama Baby Denim is sold online, at high-end boutiques across the country, and is currently in Whole Foods Markets, around the country. “Despite the recession, Sama Baby is extremely proud to be steadily growing and continues to fill stores nationwide while creating healthy, happy babies and a better planet for all,” they tell HCRSourceBook.

On another note, Shivani and Neha are managing editors of the newl, full of eco-friendly “tid-bits” delivered daily that launched on Earth Day.

-Janet Muniz

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