Kalencom Aids in Oil Spill Relief

Lifestyle company Kalencom is an active supporter of the city of New Orleans, its home for over 35 years.  Back in April, when word reached the company and its division Hadaki of the devastation of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on Louisana’s wetlands and animal life, it put in place a plan to raise money for Audubon Nature Institute which is coordinating the sea turtle marine mammal rehabilitation.

During the month of June, Kalencom and Hadaki are donating 10% of all sales to Audubon Nature Institute.  “Our company is no stranger to devastation, having lost an entire warehouse as a result of Hurricane Katrina,” owner Monica Kalozdi tells us.  “We made the decision to return and rebuild our business in New Orleans because our ties to the city and state are extremely strong.  It breaks our heart to see so much of our natural resources and animal life in jeopardy as a result of the oil spill, and we hope our June program will have an impact on saving the wildlife.”

Due to the timing of the spill, sea turtles are gravely affected as this is the time of year when they migrate to Mexican beaches to nest.  Kalencom/Hadaki’s donation directly supports the Louisiana Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Program. “We are grateful for companies such as Kalencom – through their generosity, we will be able to accelerate our efforts in this region and hopefully succeed in helping local animals through the Audubon Aquatic Center with assessment and treatment,” says Laurie Conkerton, senior vice president for development, Audubon Nature Institute.

Kalencom is best known for their line of diaper bags that can double as totes for mom.  The bags incorporate intricate detailing, high quality and affordable pricing. The Hadaki line features a wide variety of accessories such as small wristlets, wallets and zip cases to messenger bags, backpacks and duffels for teens, tweens and young professionals.  Recently the company revamped its production, and now all products are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and are free of Phthalates, AZO, DEHP, DBP, BOP and other harmful chemicals.

Consumers can support Kalencom’s efforts during June by visiting www.hadakishop.com to purchase Hadaki products and by purchasing Kalencom at any store or etailer such as www.rosenberryrooms.com and www.luvmybag.com.  For more information on Audubon Nature Institute, visit www.auduboninstitute.org.

-Janet Muniz

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