New Collections Introduce Khadi

Mahatma Gandhi promoted the production of khadi, Indian homespun, hand-woven fabric, in his movement to revive India’s domestic weaving industry. “This fabric is close to my heart for its aesthetic appeal as well as the small scale industry that it supports back in India,” says Dipali Patwa, president of Masala Baby NYC.

The company is introducing khadi to its brand with the new Mod Masala, an urban, modern and casual collection using Masala Baby’s signature prints and unique appliqué techniques. “Khadi’s natural properties keeps kids cool in the summer and warm in the winter,” Dipali says. “The collection is urban, mod and relaxed.”

The company’s other introduction, Mela Masala, is inspired by Indian village fairs. Dipali tells us that “mela” is the Hindi word for “gathering” or “village fair.”  “The line is inspired by gypsy folklore, fortune tellers, colorful caravans, medallions and the dancing peacock, which set the mood for our patterns and colors,” he says. “The cuts and designs are earthy, comfortable and chic.”

Both of Masala Baby’s new offerings cater to the young global traveler who appreciates the simplicity and wonder of life. Travel on!

-Janet Muniz

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