Reserve your HUDSON’S Mannequins Now

KIDShow/Las Vegas is just 12 days away… and so is the annual HUDSON’S Mannequin Maze. Have you reserved yours yet?

IT’S TIME! Attending manufacturers can reserve up to three mannequins online. Simply log on to, click on  “Mannequin Form” in the main menu, fill out the form and you’re in! We will call you to confirm your order and take credit card payment information.

Mannequins are available in sizes 2T thru 12. Your company name and KIDShow booth number are displayed with each mannequin. First come, first served. Just $100 each!

RESERVE NOW! Join in the fun of our annual HUDSON’S Mannequin Maze at KIDShow, February 15-17, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll see you there!

-Janet Muniz

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