Cool Snaps from Vegas


We’re back from Vegas! Here are a few cool snaps from KIDShow and Kids at MAGIC.


One Ruby Lane shows off not only their sparkly high-top, but  HUDSON’S September issue.


Young Colors‘ Robert and Donna Prescott working the crowd.


Moo Boo’s elegant booth that Margaret likes so much.


Wonder what they’re texting about HUDSON’S Annual Mannequin Maze?


Cute name … cute booth!


Ebony and Ivory … very chic!


HUDSON’S co-founder Margaret Mobius talking with our good friends, San Diego Hat Company.


Crystal Rock Kids rockin’ the t-shirt line.

Make sure to check out our October/November issue for more pictures from the Vegas shows … plus the result sof our fabulous fashion shoot at KIDShow! All coming up next month …

-Janet Muniz


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