Belly Button Power!


PeekABelly_004I have a soft spot for belly buttons (no pun intended).

Something about them makes me want to reach out and tickle – right there!  I try this on my sweet husband … but he really doesn’t like anyone else tickling his belly button – something about when he was a kid, he tells me.

Perhaps he’d feel differently about belly button power if Peek-a-Belly was around when he was a kid.

Peek-a-Belly is a new baby gift line just launched by founder  Sue Zeiler. It’s a one-piece baby garment that opens at the baby’s middle, providing 24/7 belly-kissing-and-tickling-access. She also tells us that Peek-a-Belly is the first of its kind.

PeekABelly_002The patent pending design has two overlapping panels on the front side that can be pulled wide open for full-on, scrumptious belly access. The opening is secured by Velcro, adorned with a colorful, designer fabric patch. 

Peek-a-Bellies – the irresistible plural  – are Made in the USA, delivered gift-ready in an organza bag and currently available for purchase online.PeekABelly_001

Many Chicago area moms may recognize Sue as the founder of a popular local online resource,, launched in 2001. “Peek-a-Belly combines the great functionality of a baby one-piece with the perk of all-day belly access,” Sue says. “It really is a unique gift for moms, as it’s not just another cute baby outfit – it’s the gift of belly access!”

Any chance there’s a size to fit my husband?

-Janet Muniz

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