That’s a SkidDERS shoe!


You’ve probably seen them in children’s boutiques – and HUDSON’S got the scoop directly from Michael Matalon, president of parent company Celebrity International, Inc., for our June 2009 issue – but are you still wondering what they’re all about?



SkidDERS is a footwear collection for infants learning to stand and walk. A cross between slipper, bootie and shoe, the SkidDERS collection is available in over 500 stores across America and Canada.

SkidDERS_kidsJust this month, SkidDERS launches more than 30 new styles, complete with newly designed, retail-friendly packaging. By working with Nickelodeon using their characters SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer along with a number of other licenses, Michael’s intent is to build SkidDERS as the primary brand in the sock/shoe category.

Oh, and one more thing: retailers can place wholesale orders online.

-Janet Muniz

4 thoughts on “That’s a SkidDERS shoe!

  1. Kim says:

    I do not feel these are meant for a newer walker! There is TOO much traction on these because the nubbies are a bit too long and the upper toe is rubber. If they don’t pick their foot up high enough the toe catches on the floor and makes them fall forward. Just returned from the ER for my 15mo. old (been walking for 3 months) who fell in these and split her forehead open. Seven stitches later, I wish I would have trusted my instincts and left these at the store or thrown them away the first couple of times I saw her trip in these. Very dangerous…

    • jlgmuniz says:

      Thanks for sharing your comments with us, Kim –

      Given your recent experience, I can see that you are most passionate about your input. I’ll make sure to relay this information to the makers of SkidDERS as well.

      Janet Muniz

      • Sarah says:

        The nubbies are what make these shoes awesome! I got them for my 13 month old who know longer slips on the kitchen floor when he goes barreling into the kitchen full force. He used to fall down repeatedly in other shoes because the soles are too stiff to walk in. These flex with his feet and he hasn’t fallen down half as much as he used to. Plus, trying to keep shoes or socks on a child is typically a hopeless cause – with these he has yet to pull one off. Not that they are too tight – I think he enjoys wearing them and loves to show them off. It’s a nice feeling knowing he will have something on his feet this winter so I don’t have to worry about him running around bare foot. They are a great material too and let the feet breath so he doesn’t get sweaty nasty smelling feet. I have the one complaint – they are TOO hard to find! Targets are typically sold out of them so I have resorted to getting them on Ebay. I wish more stores would offer them because I think they are one of the greates things created for a child and plan on buying several more pairs.

    • Angel Schaaff says:

      I love these shoes! My son used them as a new walker. It worked great for him. I’m upset that I can’t get them now. I got them at Target and now are in need of a larger size!!!!!!!! Help! The skull ones are my favorite. *Ü*

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