Zosė Designs

A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love. 


052715_CRTPost_ZosėDesigns_01Great find on Etsy – Zosė Designs hair clips and jewelry add a dazzle to any girl’s outfit, big or small. Designer Audra makes them using two secret ingredients: A dash of sweetness and an ounce of love.

052715_CRTPost_ZosėDesigns_02“I design and hand make everything in the tiny, gorgeous town of Tecoma, Victoria, Australia, where I live,” Audra tells me. “We hand pick materials, hand crochet, hand sew, secure and fasten each item. We love what we do, and hope that you will love our products, too!”

052715_CRTPost_ZosėDesigns_03Made in Australia. Adorable hair clips, necklaces and bracelets to go with any outfit and any occasion. Audra is always introducing new styles, so check her successful online shop frequently. Available worldwide!


Baby K’tan

Newly expanded product line. Smart and simple parenting solutions.

052015_BabyKtan_03Founded in 2007 by two families, each raising a child with special needs in addition to two other children, the Chesals and the Wernicks developed a special line of baby wraps that help parents carry their children in a loving, nourishing way.

Baby K’tan products combine style, ease of use and comfort, providing families with high quality baby gear and accessories designed to help promote the natural bond between parent and baby.

Slips on like a t-shirt. The Florida-based company’s innovative “ready to wear” wrap uses a unique double-loop design that functions as an all-in-one sling, wrap and baby carrier, yet does not require any wrapping or buckling. Sized like clothing for the perfect fit (XS, S, M, L, XL) and can be used to carry children from eight to 35 pounds in multiple positions. Learn how to slip one on in three simple steps.

Baby K’tan recently launched several other products, including a diaper bag and the “K’tan Cloth” this year.



Che Rie Leggings

Fun, comfortable, stylish and Made in the USA!

051315_CRTPost_CheRieLeggings_03From the mind of textile designer Erie Chang, Che Rie NY leggings are redefining the classic legging silhouette with pop-art inspired designs, endless colors combinations and beautiful expressions of individual freedom.

Made for all ages – 4 to 16 kids as well as XS – L women (!)- Erie is making Che Rie for the kid in all of us.

“What would it be like if being comfortable also meant looking amazing?” asks the founder and former creative director of kids’ swimwear label Floatimini. “We focus more on movement, more on friends, and more on the ease of fun.”


Leggings are made from spandex in the USA, cut, sewn in house.


What Do You Do With an Idea?

Hope for anyone, at any age, who’s ever had an idea that seemed a little too big, too odd or too difficult.

Written by Kobi Yamada with illustrations by Mae Besom, What Do You Do With an Idea? is the story of one brilliant idea and the child who helps to bring it into the world. As the child’s confidence grows, so does the idea itself. And then, one day, something amazing happens* …

Bookseller Barnes & Noble proclaims it as one of the best books of 2014 for kids, and the 36-page tale is perfect for children ages four to eight years … yet it also touches everyone who is young at heart. “From that first puzzled inkling, the little boy realizes that the idea was following him like a small egg waiting to be hatched. Finally, it does … and reminds us what we do with an idea: You change the world.” From the booksellers’ review.

050615_CRTPost_WhatDoYouDoWithAnIdea_inside“It’s a story to inspire you to welcome that idea, to give it some space to grow, and to see what happens next,” Kobi says. “Because your idea isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s just getting started.”

Kobi Yamada is president and CEO of Seattle, WA-based Compendium Incorporated, “a company of amazing people doing amazing things,” producing extraordinary gifts that inspire, educate, motivate and celebrate the world we live in. Gift books, journals, greeting cards, boxed notes, pop-up cards and guest books for just about everyone. Wholesale available.

*Listen to the entire story as it’s read aloud by the fine folks at ArtistEducation.

Just Breathe

Kindergarteners talk about mindfulness in a new short film.

Recently featured on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday, Just Breathe is a four-minute movie produced by filmmakers Julie Bayer Salzman, Josh Salzman, their son, classmates and family members one Saturday afternoon. In it, kindergarteners talk about coping with emotions and using meditation and breathing techniques.

“The film is entirely unscripted,” says Julie. “What the kids say is based purely on their own neuro-scientific understanding of difficult emotions, and how they cope through breathing and meditation. They, in turn, are teaching us all.”

Julie was inspired to create the film after taking a six-week course with Mindful Schools, an organization that teaches mindfulness in US schools. “I overheard my then five-year-old son talking with his friend about how emotions affect different regions of the brain, and how to calm down by taking deep breaths — all things they were beginning to learn in Kindergarten at their new school, Citizens of the World Charter School, in Mar Vista, CA. I was surprised and overjoyed to witness first-hand just how significant social-emotional learning in an elementary school curriculum was on these young minds.”


Princess Cuffs

Inspired by Catherine the Great of Russia, bracelets for little princesses the world over.

042215_CRTPost_PrincessCuffs_01Pam Bloch is owner/designer of Princess Cuffs, the first ruffled cuff bracelets for all girls ages two through seven. The Sherman Oaks, CA-based small business works with local children’s hospitals to help put smiles on little girls’ faceswith donations of Princess Cuffs.

“My own little girl loved feeling like a princess, loved to dress up and put the finishing touches on her outfit no matter where we were off to,” Pam says. “We are currently working with Make A Wish, Children’s Hospital and St. Jude’s Research Hospital to gift all the little girls a pair of cuffs so they can feel elegant, regal and like a real princess.”

The cuffs come in three sparkly colors, purple, pink and white; and in three sizes. Specialty orders are available upon request.

042215_CRTPost_PrincessCuffs_RiseofCatherinetheGreatFrilly and sparkly, Princess Cuffs are fashioned after the beautiful costumes featured in the 1934 movie, The Rise of Catherine The Great. “The movie is a visual wonder from the intricate sets to the glorious costumes,” Pam says. “What really caught my eye was the cuff accessory added to Catherine’s sleeves of her gowns. They were long, flowy, and sparkly and added a perfect finishing touch to each gown.” From this fashion detail, Pam is inspired to give every little princess her own bracelet “to complete her outfit, add a bit of color or just to wear bracelets like mommy.”


Taylor’s and Tots Boutique

041515_CRTPost_TaylorsTotsBoutique_girlsJenny Rodgers is owner of an almost year-old boutique, Taylor’s and Tots, named in honor of her daughter, Taylor Elizabeth. Located in Paducah, KY, this brick-and-mortar and online boutique caters to mothers and their children with the latest trends for women and tween girls, as well as accessories and boys apparel.

“Taylor’s and Tots started as an idea of mine in 2013,” Jenny says. “I dreamed of a place where a woman could shop and find both trendy and affordable clothing for both herself and her children.” With the help of her family, Jenny created a shopping experience where women can buy high fashion and their children are welcome –and happy to be there.

041515_CRTPost_TaylorsTotsBoutique_boys“I love bringing comfortable, trendy and affordable clothing to moms just like me and their children,” she says. “We offer an expansive variety of clothing styles and sizes, shoes and accessories for women and children at prices that you can’t beat!”

Taylor’s and Tots opened in June 2014 with trendy clothing, the best prices and unbeatable customer service. Find wonderful gifts here, too.

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