Cricket’s Circle

A baby registry with interactive, hand-holding features for new parents.

022515_CRTPost_CricketsCircle_CLogo - CopyIn less than a year since its launch, Rachel Blumenthal, founder and CEO of Cricket’s Circle, is living up to her promise of simplifying the baby registry process for parents-to-be by combining a holistic, interactive registry with personalized content.

“We created Cricket’s Circle to give every expectant and new parent their own ‘Cricket,’ a one-stop shoppable resource for trusted product recommendations and helpful advice.”

In January, Cricket’s Circle expanded to eCommerce, launching its baby registry service. The company researches and tests products, and then –along with parent-knowledge-narrows down the vast array of baby products to three recommendations per category, all in an effort to make shopping easier for parents. They even partner with retailers to get the top baby and toddler items into one registry and shopping cart. What’s more, Cricket’s Circle’s blog is fully shop-able, too.


Earlier in her career, Rachel worked for Yves Saint Laurent, jeweler brand Rachel Leigh and eyewear company Warby Parker, which is cofounded by her husband Neil –as well as having her their son, Griffin, before creating Cricket’s Circle. As a new mom and entrepreneur, Rachel is in the business of giving and receiving advice – she welcomes yours, too, at rachel@cricketscircle.com or share your comments on social.


Happy Birthday, Raggedy Ann!

“Fairyland must be filled with rag dolls, soft loppy rag dolls who go through all the beautiful adventures found there nestling in the crook of a dimpled arm.”

-Raggedy Ann doll creator Johnny Gruelle

Plush toy, gift and doll manufacturer Aurora World Inc.® is celebrating Raggedy Ann’s 100th birthday! The company just introduced brand new, “Stars and Stripes” special edition Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy rag dolls to the market that feature an all-American, red, white and blue theme, exclusive 100th year embroidery and commemorative hangtags on every doll.

Raggedy Ann’s Betsy Ross-inspired white shawl collar, printed dress with navy and white stars and elastic cap are reminiscent of the bygone era while Raggedy Andy’s Uncle Sam-inspired outfit features a matching printed jacket top, red twill bow-tie and pants, and his classic matching sailor hat.

021815_CRT_RaggedyAnnClassic“The Stars and Stripes dolls celebrate the goodwill, kindness and compassion that the Raggedy Ann doll creator Johnny Gruelle envisioned for the people of our nation,” says Michael Kessler, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Aurora.

The Stars and Stripes dolls, complete with their signature red yard hair, are available in large sizes and feature custom cotton, embroidered fabrics, finely detailed faces with button eyes and exclusive outfits highlighting the birthday of Raggedy Ann – perfect for collectors.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls are part of Aurora’s ever-expanding soft doll category featuring dozens of award-winning doll designs including the Sea Sparkles™ mermaid collection, fashionable Sweet Lollies™, new Cutie Curls™, ballerinas and activity dolls for toddlers. As part of the birthday celebration, the company gave away a three-foot Raggedy Ann doll at the recent Toy Fair New York in February. “Stars and Stripes” special edition Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy rag dolls are available now in stores everywhere.




Kid President

021115_CRTPost_KidPresident_SealIf you haven’t been introduced, please say hi to the Tiny President of the United States.

Kid President, aka über adorable Robby Novak and Brad Montague (the guy behind the scenes of his videos and new book), is a fabulous fixture on actor Rainn Wilson’s website, SoulPancake.

Wise beyond his years and wonderful to boot, his new book, Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome is now available. Take a look:

The book launch also introduces an awesome challenge: The #BookItForward Campaign, which promotes literacy. Kid President spells it out for us:


THE PROBLEM In low-income neighborhoods, there is only one book for every 300 children.

THE SOLUTION Access to books and other reading materials greatly increases a student’s chance of success in school. Create an anonymous and free “take one, leave one” book drop to donate reading materials to those who may need it most.

WHAT YOU GET Sign up for facts on literacy and tips on starting your own community book swap with Kid President … Plus, you’ll enter for the chance to win a seasonal $10,000 scholarship!

How will you #BookItForward? What story has inspired your life? Help Kid President get 10,000 people to gift someone a book they love. Let’s be AWESOME, people!

Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1DzbuwU  and Twitter: http://bit.ly/1w1ojKs


Pip Organic Clothing Makes U.S. Début

The Australian brand is making stylicious certified organic baby clothing available for everyone.

020415_CRTPost_PipOrganicClothing_02Blending high quality fabrics with reasonable price points, Pip Organic Clothing has launched a whimsical collection of baby clothes in the U.S. that features mostly unisex rompers, bodysuits, baby wraps, bandanna bibs, leggings and t-shirts in timeless grey and white solids, as well as clever prints.

Playful blue and green seagulls add flair to rompers and wraps while yellow penguins give a pop of color to t-shirts and leggings for babies 0-3 months up to 6-12 months.

Designer Prerona Baruah chose the name “Pip” mostly because it’s her daughter’s nickname, and its meaning as a small seed in fruit. Conscientious about providing babies safe, ethically sourced clothing, Prerona ensures each piece is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified, the leading standard for organic textiles made using fair and humane labor practices.


Holiday Greetings

Feliz Navidad

عيد ميلاد مجيد


Frohe Weihnachten


(Shèngdàn jié kuàilè)

Buon Natale

Vrolijk Kerstfeest

Καλά Χριστούγεννα

(Kalá Christoúgenna)

Merry Nollag

Joyeux Noël

החג שמח

Wesołych Świąt

С Pождеством

S Rozhdestvom

Merry Christmas from Children’s Retail Today


Nuvola Baby

Making the world a softer place.

121714_CRTPost_NuvolaBaby_03Newly launched and now available in the United States, Novola Baby is a collection of Scandinavian-inspired baby blankets, outfits and accessories. From organic cotton to cashmere blends, the world’s softest fabrics are hand-picked for the collection, all gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Completely sourced and manufactured in Europe, Nuvola Baby launched earlier this year with the Cloud Collection -luxe cashmere blend blankets, pillows and outfits featuring multi-hued clouds.

Nuvola Baby is designed in Luxembourg + Iceland. The designers work with renowned manufacturers in Italy and Portugal to ensure each piece is heirloom-quality. With a vibrant color palette of tangerine, grey, chocolate, red and turquoise lighting up classic star, cloud and snowflake prints, Nuvola Baby’s styles offer year-round softness.

Our pieces are made to last. Pass them down.

- co-designer Runa, who is inspired by her homeland, Iceland

121714_CRTPost_NuvolaBaby_02In an effort to give back, Nuvola Baby is involved with the Cloud of Love Project, helping support orphanages with the sale of rotating select styles at nuvolababy.com.

Experience Nuvola Baby’s softness for yourself at Playtime Paris from January 31 to February 2 and at ENK Children’s Club from March 9 to 11 in 2015!