Matthew’s Child

“It is our belief that it takes a community to raise a child. Everyone is involved, be it parents, social workers, teachers, therapists, neighbors, friends or coaches. Not everyone is called to take children into their home; but those that are need support from others. A friendly word of encouragement or a cup a coffee; a night out to go on a real date; to feel supported by members of their communities as they work together to make a difference for children and families. You are the answer to that need.”

Matthew’s Child supports, advocates, educates and enhances the adoptive community, assisting foster children in Virginia’s Roanoke Valley with programs such as:



Eden’s Closet – this foster care closet is available for new placements; when a child outgrows old clothes; back to school; or for children to stock up on clothes before they return home to their families.

First Night Meal – when you accept a new placement into your home, those first few nights can be hectic. Contact Matthew’s Child for a family meal or gift cards to local restaurants, and take the stress off dinner.

Car Seat Swap – if you accept a last minute placement and need a car seat, Matthew’s Child will provide a brand new car-seat, and request that you purchase a brand new car-seat when you are able to, and donate back to Matthew’s Child and pay it forward to other families in the future. “We cannot provide used car seats, so families replenishing our supply of new car seats are what make this program successful,” Director Melanie Couch says.

Until recently, Matthew’s Child has stayed anonymous.

“We bless people from the shadows, simply to encourage and support,” Melanie says. “The need is growing, and as a result, our resources must grow with it. We are looking to partner with other non-profits that have a like mind in goals. We would like to simply make a connection to see if our organizations can work together to assist the foster children in Roanoke Valley of Virginia.”

Community – Helping – Community

Matthew’s Child also creates a variety of Family Survival Kits for, well –everyone involved:

Kids – When a child first comes into foster care, they provide everything from basic baby essentials in a diaper bag, to hygiene products for teenagers.

Foster Parents – When they can, they provide gift baskets complete with a full date night package to say thanks for all foster parents do for their kids.

Workers – Like the foster parent baskets, they like to “love on” local workers who support adoptive families. They encourage nominations.

Family – Family survival kits promote attachment and togetherness and usually contain family activity gift cards, family games, etc.

Trainings – Matthew’s Child offers a wide variety of trainings both in the community, and at local agencies, partnering with area professionals.


For a person who indeed has a passion for children’s fashion –I have no children of my own to shower with love. I’ve thought about adoption many times in my life. Matthew’s Child offers meals for families with new placements; gifts for children entering the system; support and love for families and parents; a swap option for needs a foster family may have, like kids clothing or furniture; and random acts of kindness for parents, kiddos and social workers who are making a difference every day.

If you live, run a business or a non-profit in the Roanoke Valley are and are interested in supporting your adoptive community, get to know the folks at Matthew’s Child.



Global children’s furniture and accessories company set to launch in the U.S. this December.

Micuna SL, the market leader in Spain and one of Europe’s top manufacturers of children’s furniture and accessories débuts in the U.S. with signature furniture lines. Micuna is represented in the U.S. through a partnership with another Spanish company, Babyhome.

“We are excited to be partnering with Babyhome to bring the Micuna brand to the U.S., providing parents with stylish, durable and eco-friendly new choices, delivered with a unique international design. Our research has shown that there is a niche in the juvenile furniture market for high quality, handcrafted and safety compliant furniture.”

Marcos Garcia Martin, CEO Micuna USA

With more than 40 years of industry experience, Micuna is renowned for the production of high quality, eye catching products that ensure the comfort and safety of a baby.  Micuna’s trend-setting products are handcrafted from the company’s state-of-the-art, 35,000 square foot factory in Valencia, Spain.

The Micuna U.S. collection will include:

OVO High Chair – Micuna’s award-winning posh and stylish high chair that combines comfort and safety with elegant design.  OVO is made with solid beechwood that comes from sustainable managed forests. This striking chair is incredibly practical too; it evolves so that it can be used until a child is six years of age.

SMART FRESH Bassinet – Perfect for baby’s early development and a striking addition to any modern nursery, this mobile bassinet can be near a parent for peace of mind.  The bassinet’s main characteristic is its completely transparent and breathable fabric which allows parents to see baby all of the time without having to get out of bed.  The stylish oval shape is comfortably padded to envelop baby and to make them feel safe and secure.  The bassinet’s six wheels allow for it to be easily moved from one room to another.

LIFE Crib – A crib with endless combinations and constructions, the LIFE crib is designed for parents looking for something original and different that will make baby’s environment a special place.  Parents will have fun designing their own customizable easy to assemble crib with a range of bar shades and crib bases. Made from solid beechwood and eco-MDF.

HARMONY Single Evolutive Crib – The innovative HARMONY Single Crib offers the perfect solution that links practicality and space saving.  Characterized by its originality and sharp modern design, this crib is for those seeking baby products with exceptional features, quality and most importantly, safety. The HARMONY crib can easily evolve from crib-to-twin size bed as a child grows with the use of an optional kit for conversion to bed.  Made from solid beechwood and eco-MDF.


One of the first Spanish companies to comply with stringent European quality and safety standards, Micuna is quality control certified by AIDIMA (Technological Institute of furniture, wood, packaging and related).  With a conscious commitment to the environment, Micuna also was the first baby furniture manufacturer in the world to achieve the ISO 14001 environmental certification. All Micuna products are made with wood obtained from sustainable forests and their coating process is performed with water paint.

Micuna will be available at juvenile goods retailers nationwide beginning late December 2015/early January 2016.


Baby Chateau

New boutique strives to bring quality, integrity and style back to boys fashion.

Baby Chateau™ is a contemporary online boutique exclusively designed to cater to boys. It’s full of luxury clothing, accessories and gifts for both baby and toddler boys.

Lorraine Lilavois brings her love of art, fashion and entertainment to the online-based, baby boys clothing boutique powered by a team of motivated home-based Moms who curate an inventory that’s just as adorable and gorgeous as any collection designed for girls. By investing the time, money and energy to supply you with genuine choice, the Moms at Baby Chateau hope to make shopping for your little Prince Charming a fun and fascinating experience.

The result is a high-end baby boys clothing company dedicated to delivering premium wares for fashion-forward mothers and fathers all over the world.

“Raising boys to become gentlemen is hard enough. Dressing them well shouldn’t have to be,” is Lorraine’s key sound bite. She goes on to give a hardy warning to parents everywhere: “Today’s boys clothing market is flooded with cheap products made from inferior materials and manufactured under questionable– if not unethical – conditions.

Companies have become so concentrated on profit margins and annual revenue figures they’ve forgotten about their most important statistic, you and your prince.”


Hand-Picked Authenticity

At Baby Chateau, parents can buy only the finest goods available, intelligently tailored boys fashion from leading global designers that is personally chosen to provide authentic clothes for their baby boys that are ethically manufactured with integrity and quality. The company requires their designers and manufacturers to complete a comprehensive Due Diligence survey to authenticate the excellence of their processes before they can list their products on Baby Chateau’s digital shelves.


Marquee Customer Service

Not only does Baby Chateau welcome feedback, they thrive on it. Baby Chateau buys in limited quantities until their valued customers give them the “seal of approval” on a product through reviews, comments and shared experiences. Connect with Baby Chateau today.


Sing Your Name WV

West Virginia-based Sing Your Name creates a variety of gifts for children that are personalized with music. Special music. Singing-Your-Child’s-Name kind of music. The kind of gifts that make children smile and feel very special.

“My daughter Allysa and I have been partners in this venture for a little over a year,” Rebecca Kesling tells me. Rebecca launched the company after she gave her grandson, Anders, a little green puppy that sang and spoke his name for Christmas.

“He carried his little green puppy around by the neck everywhere he went, and at night, the little green puppy cuddled with him in his bed,” Allysa says. “Seeing his eyes light up at the sound of his name got his Grammy’s gears turning.”


The Company That Makes Children Smile

The folks at Sing Your Name West Virginia believe children should be nurtured as very special individuals. “Every child feels special when his or her name is associated with a cherished gift from someone who loves them enough to choose a gift that sings out their name. It makes them giggle, it makes them happy, it makes them smile.” It makes adults smile, too.

102815_CRTPost_music_for_mePersonalized music CDs, movie DVDs, alarm clocks, Plush Create-A-Critters, name poems, growth charts, Tiny Twins dolls and more. Ideal for birthdays and special occasions, with personalized songs they can sing along to, they can learn their ABCs and numbers from; make your child the star of a Storybook CD; create a plush toy and add a song, a sound or a scent. Personalized lullabies for babies, birthday songs, even songs to learn a morning get dressed routine. Tiny Twins are perfect for personalizing your work desk, cell phone, car’s rear view mirror or the top of a wedding cake. Creations are limited to nothing but your imagination.

102815_CRTPost_SingYourName_clockVisit the company on Facebook, Twitter or Website and sign up to receive newsletters with discount savings.

Macaroni Kid

Have you heard about Macaroni Kid?

I’ve been enjoying a free subscription, and it looks like a great resource. Macaroni Kid publishes weekly, hyper-local e-newsletters and websites featuring events, activities, products and places for moms, kids and families. Joyce Shulman and Eric Cohen created Macaroni Kid with two goals in mind: to enrich communities and empower moms.


Enriching Communities

Macaroni Kids connects local families with the libraries, schools, rec centers, community centers, organizations and businesses that create programming and fun for kids. They host local events and parties and connect with their communities through social media.

On top of 500+ local editions, Macaroni Kid publishes seven national editions focused on special interest content:

  • Macaroni Kid Family Travel
  • Macaroni Kid Family Fitness
  • Macaroni EATS for the family foodies
  • Macaroni Kid Family Safety
  • Macaroni Stork
  • Macaroni Military Family
  • Macaroni Kid National

Empowering Moms

The company empowers moms by giving them the tools, training and the platform to build a publishing business that can become a force for good in their communities.

Macaroni Kid Publisher Moms

Each community is managed by a local Publisher Mom or Dad. They know their local communities and their local communities know them. And they’re more than happy to let everyone know about the amazing opportunities available to the neighborhood via Macaroni Kid publishing. To learn about becoming a Macaroni Kid Publisher, email Team@Macaronikid.com.

Want to learn more?

Receive a free weekly e-newsletter highlighting all the great things for kids and families to do in your community, subscribe HERE. To partner with Macaroni Kid to connect your brand with moms across the nation, email Eric Cohen at eric@macaronikid.com.



New lifestyle brand Atissu is on a mission to make everyday objects more lovely.

The début collection of contemporary boxed tissues from one of the UK’s newest lifestyle brands, Atissu, is quite distinctive. What we really like – experienced brand expert, packaging designer and creator Sam Dumont is pluck enough to include the kids’ rooms in her designs.

These days, parents are keen to complement the beautiful modern interiors of their homes with equally beautiful accessories – including tissue boxes. Why hide them when they look like this?


Desirable for the Design Conscious

“I hope you will love (as much as we do) and will agree that our tissue range is spot on for children’s bedrooms and playrooms,” Kerry O’Connor, who runs PR for the company, says. “These little boxes often sit next to carefully curated items like ornaments, prints and favorite toys; things that people have taken time, energy and money to source.” The launch collection of 12 new contemporary boxed tissues is designed and made in Britain, and the folks at Atissu work closely with like-minded suppliers to source materials sustainably.

“Parents tell us that there’s nothing available that they actively like, and certainly nothing that compliments their children’s bedrooms; their children just adore our new designs, we’ve been told!”


All About Atissu

Apart from choosing a fabulous name for a tissue company, Sam and her team like to work with select illustrators, artists, textile and graphic designers on original box designs that please the eye. For the premiere children’s collection, they collaborated with illustrator duo Loopz art. Four different boxes are available with four little buddies on each side of each box, totaling 16 cute but cool characters: Fox & Co, Tiger & Co, Bear & Co and Panda & Co. The box designs are printed on matt board from well-managed forests so as to not compromise on sustainability or quality. “We print locally in London using only vegetable based inks and water based varnishes,” Kerry tells me.


All About the Tissues!

For those little delicate noses, the tissues are made from 3-ply super-soft FSC material.

In addition, Atissu has just launched a beautiful new collection of Giclee prints. As Sam likes to say, it’s just “a little bit of lovely every day.” Available wholesale and online.

100715_CRTPost_LILLEbaby The Guncles Family Shot

LÍLLÉbaby & The Guncles

A new baby carrier that celebrates adoption – Benefits the Independent Adoption Center

Popular baby carrier maker LÍLLÉbaby and The Guncles (aka Bill Horn and Scout Masterson) are collaborating on an original, new, limited-edition baby and doll carrier to celebrate adoption. The bold geometric print is available now on LILLEbaby.com and Amazon.com. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Independent Adoption Center (IAC), a national non-profit adoption agency.

Who are The Guncles®?

100715_CRTPost_LILLEbaby The Guncles doll carrier Simone2For six seasons, millions tuned into reality TV’s Tori & Dean and saw the couple’s good friends who became known as The Guncles (the words gay + uncles combined) to their kids. Throughout the years, fans tuned in to be a part of Bill Horn and Scout Masterson’s commitment ceremony as well as their efforts to adopt a child of their own. In 2010, with the help of IAC, daughter Simone Lynn became part of the family, which grew again in 2014 with the addition of son Bosley Jo.

100715_CRTPost_LILLEbaby The Guncles All Seasons Bosley“When our friends at LÍLLÉbaby suggested we create our own custom print to be featured on their popular carriers, we knew we wanted to design a bold, geometric print that was cheerful, sophisticated, and unique,” The Guncles say. “We are proud to be able to use this project to benefit a charity near-and-dear to our hearts – the Independent Adoption Center.”

With a fresh box of crayons and a blank sheet of paper, The Guncles created the colorful print by hand, an expression of the joy and love that adoption has brought into their lives.

“We are excited to announce this beautiful new collection and love this bold, one-of-a-kind print created by Bill and Scout,” LÍLLÉbaby President Lisbeth Lehan says. “We followed their adoption process last year, and it feels very special to be able to assist them in giving back to the organization that made their family.”

Benefits of Babywearing

100715_CRTPost_LILLEbaby The Guncles Airflow

“Wearing your baby is an amazing experience that serves you and your baby in so many ways,” Lisbeth says. “There are many benefits of babywearing, not the least of which is that it promotes bonding and attachment. Many social workers recommend babywearing as an effective way for new adoptive parents and children to bond. LÍLLÉbaby is thrilled to be a part of that essential bonding process and further support it through this collaboration.”

100715_CRTPost_LILLEbaby The Guncles Airflow Product ShotAll proceeds that The Guncles earn from the sale of this limited edition run of LÍLLÉbaby carriers will be donated to the IAC and LÍLLÉbaby is matching their donation. IAC plans to use the donations to assist adoptive parents with above expected or anticipated expenses, such as legal and medical fees.

“What a great and creative way for Bill and Scout to pay-it-forward to other adoptive parents with the help of LÍLLÉbaby’s wonderful products,” says Ann Wrixon, IAC Executive Director.

IAC is the largest open adoption agency in the country, facilitating adoptions in 49 states, and fully licensed with offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. Since opening in 1982, the IAC has successfully placed over 4,000 newborns with families in the United States. “The IAC is so grateful for their generosity.”

Good news for fans, too – The Guncles are currently in development on their own reality TV show.