Nuvola Baby

Making the world a softer place.

121714_CRTPost_NuvolaBaby_03Newly launched and now available in the United States, Novola Baby is a collection of Scandinavian-inspired baby blankets, outfits and accessories. From organic cotton to cashmere blends, the world’s softest fabrics are hand-picked for the collection, all gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Completely sourced and manufactured in Europe, Nuvola Baby launched earlier this year with the Cloud Collection -luxe cashmere blend blankets, pillows and outfits featuring multi-hued clouds.

Nuvola Baby is designed in Luxembourg + Iceland. The designers work with renowned manufacturers in Italy and Portugal to ensure each piece is heirloom-quality. With a vibrant color palette of tangerine, grey, chocolate, red and turquoise lighting up classic star, cloud and snowflake prints, Nuvola Baby’s styles offer year-round softness.

Our pieces are made to last. Pass them down.

- co-designer Runa, who is inspired by her homeland, Iceland

121714_CRTPost_NuvolaBaby_02In an effort to give back, Nuvola Baby is involved with the Cloud of Love Project, helping support orphanages with the sale of rotating select styles at nuvolababy.com.

Experience Nuvola Baby’s softness for yourself at Playtime Paris from January 31 to February 2 and at ENK Children’s Club from March 9 to 11 in 2015!


Knot Genie Detangling Brush

This hairbrush detangles knotty hair without pain.

Found in 4,000 salons and boutiques worldwide, Knot Genie is designed to help kids brush their hair without pain or breakage. The flexible bristles simply glide through hair – making life easier for everyone –girls, boys and parents, too.

Rikki Mor endured years of hair-brushing battles every morning when her three daughters refused to brush their hair. So she invented a hairbrush with different lengths of teeth that bend when brushing, to gently untangle the hair. What’s more, Knot Genie’s unique cloud-shaped top fits into the palm of a hand –like it is made that way, whether you’re right or left handed. This is one tough yet gentle grooming tool!

121014_CRTPost_KnotGenie_04The Knot Genie folks tell me they’ve gained a rather cult-like following among Moms, that’s reaching teens and tweens, too. They say, “People are finally realizing that not just any brush will do when it comes to taking care of their hair.”

121014_CRTPost_KnotGenieI’ll say; it’s the Knot Genie that makes knots in hair magically disappear.



Small family-owned and operated business dreams up big ideas for babies –and parents, too.

120314_CRTPost_Bubele_02Bubele means “sweet baby,” and Bubele, Inc. is the brain child of founder/owner Kris Weisblatt. Kris tells me she started her baby company in 2007 after suffering a traumatic brain injury during delivery of her youngest son, Evan.

“I was in a coma for two weeks,” Kris says. “After receiving therapy, I returned home and everyday things were now more difficult to accomplish. Taking care of a newborn, I found the need for items that were not available on the market.”

120314_CRTPost_Bubele_03Kris decides to go after her dreams, starting her very own clothing line. “I designed a Pacifier Snappy™ to replace the pacifier clip that has snaps in place of a clip, so babies cannot pull that binky off and throw it.”

In addition to the redesigned Pacifier Snappy, Bubele also carries a fun Mix & Match clothing line. Kris designs the Bubele Bib with an attached neck roll to wick milk away and the stretchy, oversize Wrap to swaddle newborns more easily. And she doesn’t stop there.

120314_CRTPost_Bubele_08She creates the patent pending Bubele Loop, sewn into each side seam of her body suits and tops – one of her best ideas. “The simple concept keeps pacifier clips from slipping,” she says. This is her signature invention, one that sets Bubele apart from all the rest!

Kris continues to run her small family-owned and operated Bubele that she starts on a zero budget, using her own fabrics and sewing machine … only now, she has more time to focus on her innovative, modern designs.


Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum Store polls kid-experts to determine the top 10 toys for the 2014 holiday shopping season.

Parents are always looking for gifts to give during the holidays that are as special as their children. It can be a daunting task: find something educational that appeals to a child’s creativity, their sense of adventure, their unique ability to build something cool.

Don’t forget to browse your local children’s museums! Oftentimes, the best stuff can be found at museum shops –toys that have a special something you can’t find anywhere else. These gifts can also give back: to the community, to other children, to support the museum’s mission. How cool is that?

For 16 years, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has conducted the Kid-tested, Kid Approved event. Local kids of all ages are invited to visit The Museum Store to play with and then vote on their favorite toys. Thirty of the store’s most popular toys are offered up as potential picks, and the kids get to check all of them out, right there in the store … until they decide which ones will make the top 10 list of fun, unique and educational toys that the kids love best –and parents can add to their own lists for holiday shopping. Here, this year’s Kid-Tested, Kid Approved selections are listed in order of most votes:

  1. Super Slam Basketball
  2. Original Flying Turtle
  3. Foxfire Glow Phantoms Thinking Putty
  4. Hoberman Switch Pitch
  5. Snap Circuits – Motion
  6. Mini OgoDisk Set
  7. Switchback Racetrack
  8. Hexbug Aquabots
  9. Playmobil My Secret Play Box – Dragon`s Lair
  10. Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere Fashion Spotlight Magnetic Playset

112614_CRTPost_ChildrensMuseumLogoWith the Kid-Tested, Kid Approved initiative, the museum hopes to lend a hand to parents who are looking to discover what most interests their children, straight from the kids themselves. Each Kid-Tested, Kid Approved selection is available for purchase at the Museum’s award-winning store and online retail site. On each individual online product page, read real reviews from the kid-expert testers and other clues for each toy’s rank. What’s more – all purchases help support the museum’s mission.

As the Children’s Museum tells you, start shopping with confidence – now you know what your kids want and you know what they like!


Itsy Bitsy Knots

New children’s label wraps up classy special occasionwear with a bow.

112014_CRTPost_ItsyBitsyKnots_01Nosh Khurram (aka Nosh Kay) recently launched a new –and fun- fashion label for kids called Itsy Bitsy Knotsgorgeous little bow ties especially for boys, but girls will love ‘em, too, I bet.

Perfect for the Holidays. Like so many Moms out there, Nosh got tired of the slim pickins when it comes to boy’s dress-up, so she did something about it. Each one of her bow tie designs uses colorful fabrics in 100% cotton, silk or wool. Nosh tells me her inspiration for the designs “comes from an era when dressing up was an essential part of everyday life,” she says. They’re classy and traditional with a modern twist. Nice!

112014_CRTPost_ItsyBitsyKnots_03As she gives parents everywhere a wonderful option to dress up their kids, Nosh also wants to support causes that are close to her heart. A percentage of every bow tie sold will be given to a children’s charity. Bravo!


Wee Rascals

111814_CRTPost_WeeRascalsNew line celebrates real heroes.

Wee Rascals is a new children’s brand of casual cool clothing with a little history: From Joan of Arc to Johnny Appleseed, the fun tees and stuff feature the true legends of times gone by, heroes and heroines that can match step for step with any of today’s superheroes or cartoon characters. The rock stars of Wee Rascals’ world are history-making men and women of substance, including Susan B. Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton and Davy Crockett.

111814_CRTPost_WeeRascals_02Made in the USA. Austin, TX-based Wee Rascals is a labor of love for moms Kylie Clayborne and Elizabeth Rich, who launched brand in March 2014. Inspired by an image of Johnny Appleseed in her son’s folktale book, Kylie set out to share real heroes with boys and girls nationwide while consciously manufacturing in the United States. All Wee Rascals designs are printed direct to garment or screen-printed in Austin to assure high quality and ethical labor practices.

Wee Rascals is redefining the meaning of heroes with printed tees, tanks, and bodysuits for kids from 3-6 months up to size 12. Select tees are made from organic cotton, and all styles are unisex. Available online at http://www.wee-rascals.com.

111814_CRTPost_WeeRascals_03Look for baby raglan tees plus new hero and heroine prints coming soon.

103114_CRTPost_Happy Halloween_SuzysZoo

Suzy’s Zoo

Happy Halloween from Suzy’s Zoo, the home of Suzy Ducken, Jack Quaker, Corky Turtle and all the cute and wonderful characters created by Suzy Spafford.

103114_CRTPost_Happy Halloween_Jano(They’re all getting ready for “trick or treat” in the photo above). Suzy the human says her mission in life is making people happy, and I agree, since I’ve sent many-a-Suzy’s Zoo card to loved ones and friends . My dear husband thinks I look like one of Suzy’s cute ducks (I’m including a picture that may show how right he is!) … wouldn’t it be fun if Suzy had Halloween costumes for big kids like me?

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